Sunday, June 7, 2009

Full Moon June 7

Sagittarius Full Moon

June 7 2:12pm (EDT)

The influence of the full moon starts when it is exact (today) and it can be felt for the whole 3.2 days before it moves into its next phase (Disseminating is on Thursday.)

Normally when the Moon is in Sag there is a little streak of optimism. (Of course anything seems a bit brighter after Scorpio Moon.) But this Full Moon in Sag has got a rub going on with Saturn. We already discussed that the Sun in Gemini was squaring Saturn in Virgo on Friday and now the Moon in Sag has joined the tribe and it too is either giving or receiving a whack with Saturn. All of this mutes the normally abundant nature of Sag moon. We continue to be on task to take care of work and responsibilities no matter how much all we want to do is get in the car and drive away.

You will probably either see or experience tensions around the following areas for the next three days.

Tensions around communication and or gossip (Gemini), details, daily schedules (Virgo) opinions, judgments, travel (Sag), vitality, drama, pride (Sun), family, children, mom, nurturing, food (Moon), work, duties, pessimism, responsibility (Saturn).

For those of you who know your charts this tension is happening between 15 – 17 degrees of Gemini, Virgo & Sag. If any of you have a planet at those degrees in Pisces---you should prepare for that planet to get its bell rung. See what comes up.

One other note:
Mercury continues to be under the square from Neptune and Jupiter so figuring out fact from fiction and fact from hope is still very tricky at this time.


  1. Yikes. The moon is sitting right on top of my Saturn. 'Splains the crazy zombie dream I had last night.

  2. hey---it is on my saturn too!
    you and i must be the same age..or you are 27 years younger than me!

  3. Oh Christ! I'm 23, sooo maybe (probably).

  4. well....there I go opening up my big sag mouth.
    I remember the year you were born. It was an ass kicking time for me (saturn return).

  5. I have a triple sag (Sun, rising moon) mom, I get it.

    I remember the year I was born too. Challenger exploded, Chernobyl exploded, REO Speedwagon exloded. Violent year. No wonder I have so many problems.