Monday, June 1, 2009

I wish we all had a crystal ball. I think one of the reasons why crystal balls are so appealing in myth and storytelling is because they are so simple. Go to the ball, look in the middle of it and see the future. Oh, how I wish we could do that. But at the same time, the burden on that crystal ball and the seer is probably more great than we would ever imagine. And that is why we don't get a ball when we are born.
Anyway, I say all that to say that astrology is NOT a cyrstal ball. Astrology has many nuances. The planet that rules airplanes is Uranus. But at the same time Uranus also rules electricity. Uranus also rules revolutions. Uranus rules computers. So if there is an aspect with Uranus it could involve any or all of those areas. Like I said nuances......
Which leads me to Neptune. A few days ago Neptune retrograded. Like I said it happens every year so that is not a surprise but I think it serves us this summer to watch some of the stuff that comes up during this retrograde and see what it means on the other side when it turns direct. Since it retrograded on 5/29:
GM Declared Bankruptcy (6/1)
Air Bus Flight 447 appears to have crashed (6/1)
Family planning doctor murdered (5/31)
I don't have much to say because these are all sad on many levels. But I just wanted to put it up here so we have something to ponder as we wonder about Neptune's retrograde this summer. And we wonder about Uranus Oppose Saturn that influences this year and next.


  1. Also interesting to note the last survivor of the Titanic died this past Sunday.

  2. yes... i have been wanting to post about that all day but I had to go from one (silly) meeting to another. I need to find the chart for the titantic and then I can post!