Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mercury Direct Today

May 30 9:21pm EDT-----
Thank god THAT is almost over. Oh, I am personally counting the minutes. Never has the energy been so cuckoo. I found myself in a whole host of weird places and positions as Mercury retrograded from Gemini to Taurus and now today it is going to stop and turn direct.

Since May 7th, when Mercury began its backward journey things have gone to hell in a handbasket. And yes, as always we know that the retrograde motion appears to be going backwards (from Earth) but if you actually lived in a nice little Condo on Mercury your planet would not stop spinning and turn the other direction. It just looks like that from our position here...Of course if you lived on Mercury you would not know what anything was doing outside your condo because the average temperature would be 1000 (f) degrees and you would probably be burned up.... so let's forget all about that...

Anyway, since Mercury retrograded -- communication has been wacked. How many things broke in your life in the last three weeks? How many emails did you send to the wrong person? What is going on with your relationships? Have people been freaking out on you? How are all your neighbors? (gemini) and your siblings (gemini)? And how are your resources (taurus)? And your money (taurus) and your properties (taurus)? Well, expect the energy to lighten up as everything unwinds again.

As I indicated somewhere, I intend to throw my keyboard (why does it stick?) and my phone off (why can't it dial?) off a pier---after I set it on fire. I have had this shitty phone for so many years and it actually was kind of expensive and it does not work well --at all-- and it truly sucked during the retrograde---If anyone has suggestions for a good phone please post. I am buying it tomorrow.

Once Mercury turns direct you are free to sign contracts, make big purchases, finally have clarifying conversations with people. YOu can even call the CRAZY people and talk to them.

The next Mercury retrograde will be in September so do all you can this summer that is sensible and then prepare for the crazimaking fireworks again in September.

Carry on, troops!


  1. Just wanted to pop in and say how much I am enjoying your blog posts- thanks!

  2. Thank you, E.V.!!
    I appreciate your kind words.


  3. This one really made ma laugh. I hope you have found a good phone!
    I did Ok with the retrograde, but my husband who is a double Virgo (Sun and rising) ran into tons of snafus at work, and his boss fired the only other person remaining in his department, so he's back to being the entire dept. himself. Not fun. I kept telling him things would get better after this past weekend...

  4. Zann
    I am still debating the phone purchase. And the phone still sux.
    oh, your poor husband.. is Saturn on his sun and in his 1st house.. or in his 12th....

    warn him that the next mercury retrograde will dig in on his virgo.