Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Get out of the way----It is here Jupiter/Neptune/chiron

May 27 4:06pm EDT
Jupiter conjuncts Neptune & Chiron 26 degrees Aquarius 28 minutes (18 minutes arc for Chiron but close enough to count)
first let's take a moment and bow our heads to the esoterica....which is when I pull out the Sabian symbols for the degrees. If you don't know much about Sabian symbols go here or go here:
Sabian symbol: An ancient pottery bowl
filled with violets. The keyword is: Tradition. When positive, the
degree is a high realization of values a real gift for using them and when
negative, a loss of self in conventionality and its meaningless

And now the notso esoteric----
At first blush when you see the words “Jupiter conjunct Neptune” it seems like another ho hum aspect. But this no prosaic aspect between planets. First of all the last time Jupiter got on top of Neptune was 1997 and that was when they were in Capricorn.
Now they are on top of each other in Aquarius and the last time these two were on top of each other in Aquarius was 1843 so as you can see this is not any ho-hum day or cycle! Jupiter is the planet of expansion, it magnifies everything it touches. It can be racist and philosophical. Neptune is the gassiest planet in the solar system. It is hard to touch it because it can be vague and nebulous. It is the planet that rules cinema, oil, illusions, drugs, hospitals, worlds behind worlds. Jupiter rules religion and Neptune rules spirituality. Crazy religious zealots love this aspect. Curiously, right after they conjunct on the 27th Neptune will turn around and go retrograde on the 29th. And then in June Jupiter will retrograde. These guys will be back and forth over each for months which means we will experience the conjunction all summer long and then in the winter (about a week before Christmas) they will conjunct for the final time. Jupiter is joyful and optimistic Neptune is dreamy and depressed. Expect a summer and fall of BiPolar energy. Up and Down Up and Down. If you you’re yourself experience super highs and super lows in some area of your life you probably can blame Jupiter and Neptune.
If you have not done your chart yet, please go here: Please draft your chart and then find where 26 Aquarius is located. Whatever that house which contains that degree then expect a roller coaster of ups and downs.

There is one other part to this whole business between Jupiter and Neptune and also neighbor Uranus (in Pisces) that involves Mutual receptivity. I won’t get too bogged down on the explanation but think of it this way--- Jupiter is a landlord and Neptune is in his apartment. Neptune is a landlord and Jupiter is in his office building. Uranus is a landlord and both Jupiter and Neptune are in his wearhouse. The bottom line is they are all like one big Menage---messing with each others. Creepy? Kinda. But more importantly they trust one another and it is adds of a bit of “aren’t we swell?” to all the aspects.

And on the greater landscape they will be doing a job to our economy. Not just the US economy, the world economies will be up everyone’s grill.

I have seen a lot of astrologers write about some of the astrological challenges and curiosities that we are all experiencing at this time but I must say Ray Merriman is a cut above the group. He is one of my favorite astrologers. To me he always has the ring of the real nickel (interesting metaphor for this aspect). In the current issue of Mountain Astrologer (June/July) Ray’s article “The Economy & The cardinal Climax of 2008-2015: Camelot or Financial Armageddon” is spot on. He discusses many aspects we will be experiencing and he writes:

“It is interesting that 1
843 was the year following another Great Depression in the U.S. that lasted from
1835 through 1842. It was set off when President Andrew Jackson abolished
the Second US National Bank, which at the time was the central bank of the U.S.
much like the Federal Reserve Board is today.”
The article points out which many of us have pondered---that cuckoo crazy, shawl wearing Andrew Jackson shut it down and it was not until 70 years later that a central bank peered through the mist again when Woodrow Wilson put ink to a paper and it was law. What happens if that central bank doesn’t make it? Something to think about. Go get the Mountain Astrologer and read Ray’s article. It is a must read for anyone who uses money.
And what about Chiron?
Well, simply said Chiron is the teacher that pushed you and pushed you in school. Remember how much you hated it when you felt the bar raise? But you did it because you had to and in truth you wanted to impress your teacher just a wee bit? Well, that is in the mix with Chiron. Chiron teaches us a lesson but often it is by pointing out when we step on our own johsons (Hey--I'm a gal I don't have a johson") or by just getting in our own way.
Look to the news.. see who is puffed up with Jupiter and in illusion by Neptune. They will teach us all a lesson.

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