Thursday, May 14, 2009

Saturn in Virgo--Turns Direct May 16, 2009

Saturn has been retrograded since December of 2008 in the sign Virgo. It is part of the reason that we have gone nuts with our schedule. It is the reason why our “TO-DO” list during this whole year has been a pain in the ass. Virgo can go crazy with lists upon lists. And Saturn is the planet that likes to work hard. It is the discipline planet and it is the Dad planet. It is the boss and in the sign Virgo it is the micromanaging boss.

On May 16, 10:06pm --Saturn is going to turn direct and it is finally going to make some real head way in Virgo. It has been going back and forth in the early and mid degrees for about a year and a half driving most of nuts. (Especially Sag and Gemini ---sigh). It has also been partly responsible for all the job losses everyone has been experiencing since last fall. I say partly because Uranus in Pisces which has been opposing it also has a hand in cutting the jobs. But let’s take a minute and talk about it. Saturn in Virgo has been asking people to look at their lives and how they run them.
There are many people who have been on a treadmill for many years not aware of their own families and friends because they can’t spend more than a nano second of time on anything but their work. So, what has happened? People have been reaching out to people in the only way they can in that nano second. They forward an email joke. Or they send a quick Jacquie Lawson card. Sure, a cyber card is sweet or funny but for heaven’s sake that is not the way to run your life?! There is a whole world around you that wants more of you. Your spouse, your children, your friends. Everyone in their soul and psyche is craving more relaxed time with one another. Celebrating the ordinary. Sitting on a back porch with a good friend catching up. Wouldn’t that be nice? Well, Saturn (along with Uranus) is shaking people free from the grind and a lot of people are losing their jobs and re-thinking their lives entirely.
Yes, the lack of income is hurting and I am not under any circumstances minimalizing the situation. But Saturn is going through and cleaning schedules so people can figure out what they want in their life and how they want to spend their time. When Saturn turns direct many people will find themselves selling their houses and seriously consider making changes like a big move not just for a job but for a whole life change. Their daily life will look better. Expect a lot of movement between now and December then the next Saturn Retrograde will take place in the beginning of 2010 but it will be activated in Libra which is a different set of issues than Virgo.
Oh, and for the record, did you learn about the value of thrift during Saturn's retrograde in Virgo? Did you learn that others want your old stuff? Yep, recycle those shirts you don't wear to someone you know. They want them.

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