Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pluto in Cap--- OLD is GOLD

Pluto is not the planet that rules films. That is Neptune. Pluto is not the planet that rules Television. That is Uranus. What Pluto does rule is----the masses. And when it transits a sign it is similiar to a lightening road, electrifying the energy of that sign and attracting masses of people to that energy. When Pluto travels through a sign we will frequently see a whole slew of movies come out that match perfectly the energy of Pluto's transit.
For example when Pluto transited Libra, relationship movies were the rage. Goodbye Girl, The Heartbreak Kid, Annie Hall, Manhatten.
When Pluto moved into Scorpio the rage was movies with the darker forces of relationships such as Fatal Attraction, Basic Instinct along with some good old fashion Greed stories---like Wall Street. When Pluto moved into Sagittarius broad comedies were the rage, like Old School, (how perfectly Sag) Zoolander, Meet the Parents , you get the drift.
Of course once Pluto leaves the sign it does not mean that those movies will no longer be made or be successful it is just that the appetite might not be as strong. And fewer films will be made. For example, "When Harry Met Sally" felt like a good old fashion relationship movie. One which we would have seen during the 1970's when Pluto was in Libra. However, when it was released Pluto was in Scorpio. Harry/Sally stood out because there were less 'feel good about relationship' movies and more "what a sick relationship" movies were in fad. Of course had been made in the 70's it might not have stuck out as much.
Now, here we are barely 2 degrees into Pluto in Capricorn and we're starting to see a sea change. UP, the new Pixar film due out this month is a film about an old widower. When was the last time you saw an animated film where the lead protagonist is an 80 year old widower?
The word you looking for is 'never'.
And although HBO is television and not film but they are as they like to say, "the biggest movie company on your tv" or something like that... Gray Gardens is a movie all about a mother and daughter in their 80's and 60's and their crazy life with 100 cats and no electricity but a direct line to Jackie Kennedy Onassis (how perfectly Capricorn).
We should expect more movies involving aged people. At the same time I believe we will also see movies about corruption of businesses and troubling infrastructure and corporations. No shock to me that Ayn Rand's novel "Atlas Shrugged" is in production. My guess it will be a ball out of the park during Pluto's reign in Capricorn.

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