Thursday, December 30, 2010

Six months later----Cardinal Climax and weather

Besides the issues surrounding economy, currencies, corporations and government (among other things)--I had an eye on another player in the cardinal climax of 2010 summer--Weather. I wondered about our strange weather last spring and summer. If you have forgotten, it was pretty hot Some say one of the hottest.

And then I read about a huge part of Greenland's ice melted right in the middle of the cardinal climax----in early August.

A piece of ice four times the size of Manhattan island has broken away from an ice shelf in Greenland, according to scientists in the U.S.

The 260 square-kilometer (100 square miles) ice island separated from the Petermann Glacier in northern Greenland early on Thursday, researchers based at the University of Delaware said.

The ice island, which is about half the height of the Empire State Building, is the biggest piece of ice to break away from the Arctic icecap since 1962 and amounts to a quarter of the Petermann 70-kilometer floating ice shelf, according to research leader Andreas Muenchow

And now here we are with more extreme weather. I was very surprised to see a 7 day rainstorm here in Los Angeles make it clear across the United States to the East coast and then move northwards and become this winter snow dump on New England. Normally, "our" weather hits the Rockies and then heads south out to the gulf or north. My understanding is it does not usually trek straight across like it did this month. Then this month there was a weird summer snow storm in Australia

For me a lot of this speaks to Uranus. Uranus got all the way to Zero Aries this summer and then retreated to Pisces. On the Sag New moon earlier in December it turned direct and is now heading for Aries where it will stay for about eight years. The last time it was in Aries was during the Depression and the Dust Bowl Days. No surprise to me that Uranus tiny move into Aries and we lose a big ol' chuck of ice. What is to come? Who knows? But I would venture a guess that the tension that was evident in the cardinal cross between Uranus/Jupiter/Pluto and Saturn planted some seeds in our weather's future.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mercury Turns Direct---December 30th

Mercury turns direct December 30 2:20am EST

Just a few more hours to go and Mercury will be flying straight. And together we say "Phew". I know I said back in the beginning of the month that I didn't believe this was going to be an extraordinary awful retrograde. And I dared to say that I think I might 'like' this retrograde.

“How much do things really cost us?” This is part of the dialogue that we will be processing the entire time Pluto is in Capricorn (18 years) but whenever we have a Mercury retrograde in Capricorn we will get a gift of a personal experience. Watch what comes up during the retrograde? How is your inner CEO going to fix it? What does your brain tell you is the smartest solution? How can you think on your feet and come up with strategic solution? I dare say, this could actually be a ‘fun’ retrograde as you learn how to be a CEO of your life. Yeah, there will be eff ups. Yes, tickets will be purchased and no one will have a record of it, yes, you’ll leave a message for your friend to meet you on the corner of this and that and she will have sworn you said to meet at the other this and the other that. But how you successfully navigate these bumps will teach you how to have the life of a successful executive. Isn’t it time?

How did you come out of it? Were you an executive in charge of your life or did you feel like a flotsam and jetsam being pushed by the winds around you? I hope you were able to rise above those feelings. Not because I am judging it but more to the point is that Capricorn speaks to getting up to a higher, loftier position. Did you do it? Did you think like a Capricorn?

As we all know, this retrograde was rife with weather issues, not just the US but world wide. And with weather problems comes a lot of changes in plans and schedules and a certain amount of mental fluidity is necessary. Luckily, fluidity is perfect for a Sag lunar cycle so we were in good hands with that timing. What we did as individuals with last minute changes speaks to our ability to be a great CEO. Even if we don't see ourselves as CE Os.

I saw it in effect when I watched the local news in Los Angeles the day of the big huge snow dump in the East, the local reporter was at LAX interviewing people affected by the flight cancellations and one couple, interviewed were newlyweds who had just wrapped up their honeymoon in Maui. They were suppose to fly from Hawaii to their home somewhere on the East Coast. The airlines called them and told them that they could fly them to Houston and put them up at a hotel there for two days and then send them on their way to the East Coast. The husband told the reporter, "I asked the airlines if they would send us to Los Angeles instead so we could stay with our friend and sight see in the good weather." They bride said, "It is like we got an extension on our honeymoon!" Right then I thought, "good for you guys getting the benefit of this retrograde!"

Of course when you are in love and happy it is easy to fly high and turn something lame into something good but still to the point is we should all have tried to do that during this retrograde as it will be a new skill we can call upon later.

And with that in mind, the 20th degree of Sag where the Mercury is stationing direct has the following sabian symbol

20ยบ Sagittarius: In winter people cutting ice from a frozen pond, for summer use.

Doesn't that say it all? Doing something now that will serve later in the future. Ask yourself what skill did you learn or finesse or refine that will serve you later? And if you did not, can you learn from it now and the end of the month when Mercury crosses its shadow point?

I can see you from the other side of the screen that you are nodding your head, 'yes'. Great.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

For those of us between Greenwich Mean Time and The International Dateline we have yet to have our Christmas. It is currently around 8:30pm in the Pacific Time and in about 30 mintues it will be Christmas on the East Coast. For those of you in Australia, Asia, India and Europe you are either in the middle of your Christmas Day or in the morning of it and I wish you a very Merry Christmas! The Moon made a lovely aspect with Mercury so I trust you have had some good conversations. And some of you may have spent more than you wanted with a Moon Square Venus and your night has a cranky aspect between the Moon and Neptune---Stay away from the Booze, please! But still it will be a decent day.

For the rest of us, we will have that Neptune crank aspect in the early, early morning so we should be asleep through that confusing hour. Then the Moon moves into Virgo and by the time we all start to wake up we will have our practical and efficient hats on our heads. It will be a day centered around Moon Trine Sun and then Moon Trine Pluto. You cannot get a more perfect day to process stuff. Even if THE most wrong gift is awaiting you under your tree, it will not really matter. You won't take it personally, you'll just realize, life is too short to get into it over stuff like presents and those who give us those gifts. It is really a day to enjoy whatever or whoever is bright in your life.

Even if you have opted out of visiting anyone and just want to relish being alone and seeing a movie or snuggling in bed with TV---it is all good and bright.

What a nice day. And the only reason why I put a photo of THAT tree is Mercury is still retrograde.

Have a beautiful day and Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Full Moon December 21

Full Moon – Gemini
December 21 2010 3:13AM est
A full moon at the last degree of Gemini oppose to the Sun in the last degree of Sagittarius is a very interesting energy . If you need a visual think NYC’s Grand Central Station. Lines converging from all the North East into the narrow sliver of Manhattan and each line has hundreds of train cars crowded with armies and floods of humanity. Shut down those trains and you shut down the city and shut down that city you shut down the country and shut down the country and what happens to the world?

Of course this is not a full moon about Grand Central Station, but more to the point is the Grand Central Station in your life? Where is data coming to you, where is intelligence coming to you? Where is a force coming to you just to connect? What are connections? What information is coming to you from some outside world? How are you expanding your world? What are your scampering from? Where are you scampering toward? How would your life shut down if those lines were shut down?

During this full moon you will find data and communications coming to you from many sources. There will be an accent on cleverness, dexterous and making connects that speak to your vitality.

Are you feeling the energy? Good. Now let’s twist it up tighter.

Squaring the Moon and Sun is Uranus and Jupiter in Pisces. Because it is square we need to watch the negative aspects of Jupiter and Uranus. Will we be arrogant and know-it-all Jupiter? Or will be rebellious and disruptive Uranus? Will the focus be on victims and “What’s the use” Pisces? Will we recklessly exaggerate (Sag) or will we effortlessly mind f**ck others and ourselves(Gemini)? And will anyone be telling the truth?

All pretty ugly, right? So, we are challenged to reach and stretch. When we are down can we find optimism (Jupiter)? Can we find personal breakthroughs (Uranus) can we learn from others (Gemini), can we teach wisdom (Sagittarius) and can we find compassion and spirituality? (Pisces).

Luckily within a few hours of the Lunar Eclipse is the Winter Solstice which should calm us down plus the lunar eclipse is also connected to Pluto which once again puts the emphasis on Evolution (and revolution). What comes up for you on this Full Moon/Lunar eclipse can speak to changes you need to make for your own evolution. I have mentioned this before that with Pluto the changes can be great but they can start small. If you are a ship leaving San Francisco and your compass heading in one way—let’s say Australia but move it a few degrees to the west and you’ll end up in Japan. Same planet different worlds.
When the energy is swirling all around you, do your homework, if stuff comes up that speaks to the evolution you NEED to make then consider making it. It probably starts small.

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Pentagon Papers

So, for those of you who are watching ....... back on December 3rd. I commented HERE that Lynn Hayes had found a birthdate for Julian Assange. I commented on her blog that I thought it was interesting when I looked at events from the news around his birthdate that one month before he was born, The Pentagon Papers were released. For those of you who do not know what are The Pentagon Papers---they were a study on the history of Vietnam and US's action including bombings in Laos and Cambodia. Basically all the things the US was doing but not telling the press.

Daniel Ellsberg who worked for the The Rand Institute,(A "Think Tank" that must know something based on the prime piece of property in Santa Monica they purchased 60 years ago!) had access to the research took the opportunity to photo copy the papers and released them to the NY Times. When those papers hit the newstands it caused a huge sensation and if the country had little appetite for war they had even less after those papers were revealed.
The question for many when it happened was Ellsberg a hero or a traitor?
At the time of the release Saturn was at the end of Taurus right near zero Gemini opposed Neptune at 2 degree Sag. Who is telling the truth would certainly come up with those 2 signs at play.

What I think is very weird---is a few days after my post and this has nothing to do with me it is just the weird timing, I saw John Kerry on Meet the press stating, "Wikileaks is no Pentagon Papers."

Then last week Richard Holbroke died. I had no idea until his death that when he was younger and working for the undersecretaries of the state that he wrote one of the volumes that would later become The Pentagon Papers.

And then yesterday Daniel Ellsberg father of The Pentagon Papers came out and said that Julian Assange was a hero.

I am not going to weigh in on who is a hero or who is a traitor but I will say that I think it is interesting that all of this stuff is coming out since Uranus turned direct in Pisces and his heading for Aries the direct opposite of the Pentagon Papers' Uranus in Libra.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So, heads up this is personal.
I'm a Sagittarius and there are times when I am more Sag than ever. This is one of those time. Yesterday, December 13 the energy was flying all around me (as I indicated it probably would given all the Mars energy) and although I had a ton to juggle when it came to a final conclusion it was a perfect evening. I had organized a Star Gazing "Starry" night for students.

I feared a change in the weather but it turned out perfect. Not too cold and not too hot (had been in the 80's during the day) and there were fabulous telescopes (big muthers) pointed towards a cluster of new stars, and then there were telescopes on things much closer to home like our beautiful quarter moon and her craters. And then there was one on Jupiter. And bam, bam, bam, bam...five or six of Jupiters Moons including Io and Ganymede. All a feast for this Sagittarius to enjoy on a big night with balmy weather during Sag lunar cycle.

The whole visual just begged for one piece of music. If you do not know Gustav Holst (early 20th century composer) you should. Holst composed a orchestral suite for the planets (minus Pluto). I am crazy about all of them, Mars which sounds like war, Venus which is light and airy and Neptune's haunty spin, Saturn's weight...all true to astrology. But the one that warms my Sag heart more than all is of course, Jupiter.

I wish I could post the music here but I don't know how.

So, instead I will send you to this link to get a feel. HOLST!

Just in time for Thursday's Sun Jupiter Square. "Oh, why the heck not I say!"

Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Great Birthday Gift------Mary Shea

Earlier this week, my friend Zannalyn, who has the same birthday as me asked me if I had drafted my solar return chart for my birthday? The answer was NO. I had reached out and gotten a few solar returns over the last dozen years and always enjoyed them but I had not done the work of drafting my own chart.

When I double checked my astro program I realized that I needed to upgrade in order to draft solar returns which meant calling the astro place and having a big ol' conversation which I did not have the time and knew that by the time I would have the time it would be mercury retrograde. Which is not the time I would want to download an upgrade. dear, lord spare me those bumps.

But in the meantime Zann's question did get me on a hunting trip to find a decent source for a solar return chart and I am happy to say I have turned to Mary Shea.

There was a terrific discussion about Solar Return charts on Molly's Nodeorama where Lance discussed in detail the expertise in Mary's work. Go HERE for that discussion.

If you don't know anything about solar returns they are basically charts that are based on exactly where the Sun is THIS year on your birthday and what is THAT chart. So, I have a sun at 17 (and change) Sagittarius. When the Sun hit that degree (on my birthday) we look to see where are the other planets and what are those relationships. That chart sets the tone to the whole year (birthday to birthday). A couple years ago I had a solar return that was also a new moon. There were all kinds of planets in the mix and I felt like that year was a highly active time for me.

I have begun to read Mary's report and find it very thoughtful and interesting. Obviously, it is great to get your Solar Return chart before your actual birthday so you can start to prepare. And as Mary says in her discussion, you do start to feel your chart before your birthday. I can say for a fact I felt the energy start to shift in me in the fall. This also lines up with some transiting planets to my natal chart but they all usually complement one another.

If you are a Scorpio or even Libra I would still consider getting a solar return chart even though your birthday passed. You still have so much of your year left that you will most likely gain some valuable insight. And of course NOW would be a great time for you Sages, Caps and Aquarians to get your solar chart so you'll have your Mojo on.

If you are looking for another another astrology tool to call upon, consider a solar return. Here is the link to Mary's site.

The Sun is waking up.......

There was a solar eruption this week. Quite pretty.

As some of you know, scientists have been predicting that 2010 will be the transition year for the Sun to move from solar minimum to solar maximum. Which means the Sun spots and all the action will begin to turn towards Earth. The Solar Maximum lasts about 11 years.

It appears the Sun is waking up from his slumber.

What does this mean? Apparently this eruption will not have any effects on Earth. Those are to come.

In the meantime enjoy the pretty pictures.

Monday the 13th.......

When it comes to aspects with Pluto in Capricorn I am often inspired by the ice volcanos on Triton. Something about that image rings true about what the planets speak. Disruptive but cold to the touch.

Many of you read my new moon article and noticed that I pulled out Monday December 13from the 28 day lunar cycle as the day to keep your eyes on. The energy of this day is pretty packed.

Mercury will conjunct Pluto
Mercury will conjunct Mars
Mars will conjunct Pluto

The sabian symbol for 4-5 deg Capricorn is Indians On The Warpath. While Some Men Row A Well-Filled Canoe, Others In It Perform A War Dance

This symbol is a redux from earlier this year and I cannot for the life me understand why I didn't post the sabian symbol for it------ but it is the same degree as June 26 Lunar Eclipse. Do you remember where you were that weekend? Do you remember the energy. Here's my link to that time.

We will be revisiting the energy of that time.

I can't help but look at a few things in the last days and feel that the 13th energy is already washing up on us.

Obama illustrates what compromise looks like (Saturn in Libra) by extending Bush Taxes

Student Protestor attack Prince Charles and Camilla's car

Julian Assage arrest

Senate will or will not ratify START (nuclear treaties with Russia)

and probably THE most compelling energy move of all at least in my opinion occurred this morning (saturday) when China announced that their inflation from November is over 5 percent. Why is THIS such a big deal? Because what China will do to slow down inflation can have a ripple effect in all stocks, bonds and metals around the world. Lets see what Monday looks like.

In the meantime, as a reminder (from my new moon article) for this weekend and Monday----

December 13th will be either a challenging day or a progressive day since Mercury and Pluto will be exactly conjunct and Mercury and Mars will be exactly conjunct and Mars and Pluto will be exactly conjunct. I would watch anything that comes up a day or so before the 13th and on the 14th. This window will probably not be a time where you just rise above stuff--- you probably will have to address it. If you can do it with any measure of calmness, great. But if it gets fiery and crisis like, take a deep breath and find that inner CEO. Ask him or her to find the right thing to say or do.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Mercury is Now Retrograde...Make the most of it, People!

Mercury Retrograde December 10 10:04am EST

As I indicated in my new moon article. I do not think this will be one of those horrible, painful, gross Mercury retrogrades. I think it will be tough in spots but I think it will have a certain 'good' tough. Kind of like when you go to the gym for the first time in months and you put the treadmill on 10! Ouch, ouch, phew, cough, ouch...'oooo, sigh'.

It is tough but you know you need it.

As I said earlier this week I feel we are all being asked to step up and get sober and smart and very practical about our choices. It is not emotional. It is not personal. It is business. What is the most businesslike answer to the issue that comes up? Find that answer and you will have a skill that will be valuable to you for many years. I cannot tell you how many times I have said, "In all my upper degree education how is it I fall back on my 10th grade typing class more than anything?"

That 9 months in Miss Binn's 10th grade typing class has served me longer and more significantly than so many other classes. That does not mean that my history of Renaissance art is not appreciated by me, even is. But that typing class? well, I'm using it now.
Question: What skills have you allowed to go fallow? Or have been dormant so long they feel moribun? This three weeks could be where you pump some blood into the skill set.

Or perhaps the solutions you come up with to problems that bump into you will be turned into new skills? Find your cool head and you'll be surprised what you can do.

In the meantime this is from my new moon in case you missed it.

Mercury will be in retrograde from December 10 – December 30. You can go here for more: All the retrogrades this year have all been in earth signs and this one is in Capricorn. I gotta say, I personally like this mercury retrograde. “What??? How can she say that?” I think that as long as Pluto is in Capricorn churning up all kind of strum and drang we need to think like a Capricorn and there is no better way to think like one then to process Mercury in Capricorn, in a retrograde. And doubling our money on this retrograde is the fact that Mercury is not just in Cap but actually on top of Pluto. So, we are here to really process it like a Capricorn which means very businesslike and very practical. If Mercury in Capricorn was a book it would be an autobiography of a successful business leader. It would not be a piece of airy fairy fiction. (although it could be sci fi but that is another story).

Mercury in Capricorn is always answering the question, “What is the practical solution? Or “What really works?” As long as Pluto is in Capricorn we are all learning how to be our own self made CEOs. We are learning how to be our own millionaires. I’m not saying you need to have millions in your bank account but how to live a life that feels as successful as if you had those millions. A small house that is perfect for a family that is within their means is greater success than a large house that looks pretty on the outside but has everyone going crazy to make the nut. “How much do things really cost us?” This is part of the dialogue that we will be processing the entire time Pluto is in Capricorn (18 years) but whenever we have a Mercury retrograde in Capricorn we will get a gift of a personal experience. Watch what comes up during the retrograde? How is your inner CEO going to fix it? What does your brain tell you is the smartest solution? How can you think on your feet and come up with strategic solution? I dare say, this could actually be a ‘fun’ retrograde as you learn how to be a CEO of your life. Yeah, there will be eff ups. Yes, tickets will be purchased and no one will have a record of it, yes, you’ll leave a message for your friend to meet you on the corner of this and that and she will have sworn you said to meet at the other this and the other that. But how you successfully navigate these bumps will teach you how to have the life of a successful executive. Isn’t it time?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sag New Moon December 5

I come skidding into the New Moon with my report in hand with about one hour to spare. Ah, it reminds me of college.

Anyway, I have, as always, posted the whole article on Margaret Wendt's website which you find HERE.

It is a very strong lunar cycle. We should expect a lot of energy some of it looking like mini crisis and some looking like mini awards, I expect it all to be a big ol jumbled up circus. But none of it is frivilous. There is something big under all the chaos. And how fitting is the expression, "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth." Because even the bumps we get will be a gift horse.

here is a snippet of my article. For the whole thing go to the link above.


Eight hours after the New Moon launches, Uranus which has been retrograde for the last five months will turn direct. As you may have noticed in the last several new moons we have had either a big aspect or a planet change direction within a couple hours of the New Moon. It is remarkable that these energies keep occurring right on the New Moon. This puts the accent on new beginnings but at the same time the energies can be one of two experiences. Sometimes it is like the old days when a baby was born and he got slapped by the doctor (is it too late to sue those bastards?) Or sometimes it is like an engine that upon being ignited immediately receives a boost of fuel injection. In this case with Uranus—the accent is on both.

This summer Uranus made it all the way to Zero Aries where it got into the cardinal tangle then turned retrograde and headed back to mystical Pisces where it hid and meditated for five months. Now, the mystical show is over. The monk, the priest, the rabbi, the guru, the zen master have had all the time they are going to have and must now apply their skills and change the world because when Uranus goes into Aries on March 11th it will be a completely new day.

Now ask yourself if you think it is an accident that Uranus the planet of change or upheaval (depending on how you like change) is turning direct in Sag lunar cycle? Sag who rules beliefs and knowledge, goals and setting your sights on something that is more. This is the cycle that Uranus turns direct??? Do you think Uranus wants you to be small and safe? Do you think Uranus is asking you to confine yourself? Do you think Uranus wants you to remain in the same place you have always been in? Yeah, I don’t think so either.

But at the same time Uranus is in square with Mars (there’s the slap) and it is in conjunction with Jupiter (there’s the injection of fuel). The first few days of the new moon may bring out some sparks and a warrior inside you but it should not be feared. If this comes up it is likely pointing out directions where you need to head. And certainly if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired you can take this whole Sag Lunar cycle to get on the new and dare I say, “right” path. (note to self: begin diet on new moon)

Luckily the new moon has a great aspect with Saturn which will give us the support we need as we process the changes that we know we need to make. Remember, Uranus will move not into Aries until March 11 but we are going to feel the shift in energy almost immediately when it turns direct.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Wiki Leaks and the leaker

Over at Lynn Hayes site Lynn has dug into the Interpol website and found a birth date for Julian Assange' aka TheBigWikiLeaker. That was some great sleuthing by Lynn and she has some good notes about his chart.

I am not that versed in all that Julian leaked because it makes me uncomfortable to read it. But I do know there was a lot missives where people let down there hair and bitch out their associates. With a result of Secretary of State Clinton inviting ambassadors over to her office for tea and apologies. Luckily I did hear one of the ambassadors said, "You should see what we say about the Americans."

Anyway, it turns out Julian is a Cancer with Moon in Scorpio (probably a trine) and Mercury in Cancer. I pointed out in Lynn's comments section that his Saturn in Gemini oppose Neptune in Sag is very prominent in my mind. Is he here for good or to muckrake? I dunno. But one month before he was born, during that aspect, The Pentagon Papers were released.

For me every time I see Julian's photo I can't help but think, "Is his dad Andy Warhol?" And on that theme, around the same time The Pentagon Papers were released Warhol opened his play Pork. Here's a description of that period.

Andy Warhol's play, PORK , directed by Anthony Ingrassia, opened at La Mama and ran for two weeks. (DB312/MA)

Pork was based on tape-recorded telephone conversations between Andy Warhol and Brigid Berlin about her family's private life. Her mother Honey Berlin, a Fifth Avenue socialite who included the Duke of Windsor amongst her close friends, was livid when she found out about the play by reading a review of it in the New York Times. Brigid angrily called Andy and told him, "You're nothing but a fucking faggot! You don't care about anyone but yourself! And your goddamn fucking fame! And your fucking Factory! And your fucking money!" (BC66)

Pork also played in London at the Roundhouse from August 2 - August 28th. Promotional material for the play warned "Mature Adults Only!" (AWMU184) It starred Jayne County as "Vulva," and Cherry Vanilla as "Pork."

Although some Warhol books have said that DAVID BOWIE was inspired to write the song Andy Warhol Superstar after seeing Pork, the song was actually written prior to Bowie seeing the play.