Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So, heads up this is personal.
I'm a Sagittarius and there are times when I am more Sag than ever. This is one of those time. Yesterday, December 13 the energy was flying all around me (as I indicated it probably would given all the Mars energy) and although I had a ton to juggle when it came to a final conclusion it was a perfect evening. I had organized a Star Gazing "Starry" night for students.

I feared a change in the weather but it turned out perfect. Not too cold and not too hot (had been in the 80's during the day) and there were fabulous telescopes (big muthers) pointed towards a cluster of new stars, and then there were telescopes on things much closer to home like our beautiful quarter moon and her craters. And then there was one on Jupiter. And bam, bam, bam, bam...five or six of Jupiters Moons including Io and Ganymede. All a feast for this Sagittarius to enjoy on a big night with balmy weather during Sag lunar cycle.

The whole visual just begged for one piece of music. If you do not know Gustav Holst (early 20th century composer) you should. Holst composed a orchestral suite for the planets (minus Pluto). I am crazy about all of them, Mars which sounds like war, Venus which is light and airy and Neptune's haunty spin, Saturn's weight...all true to astrology. But the one that warms my Sag heart more than all is of course, Jupiter.

I wish I could post the music here but I don't know how.

So, instead I will send you to this link to get a feel. HOLST!

Just in time for Thursday's Sun Jupiter Square. "Oh, why the heck not I say!"


  1. Very interesting. I will check out that composer.
    I have been thinking about something; you are always saying that you are feeling the energy of stuff and I just don't. I definately see the corelations of astrology with birtdata, etc, but just can't 'feel it' in my day to day life. Do you think feeling what is happening could be related to signs you have in your chart? I am a virgo sun, gemini moon, and aqarius ascendant.

  2. Virgo, Gemini and Aquarius is pretty heady so Yes, I think the word 'feel' is probably connected more to my chart since I have a moon in Cancer. But if we switched out the word 'feel' for the word 'observe' do you think it would connect more with you? How's this full moon on your gemini moon?

  3. Mmm, well my son has been bouncing off the walls, but he is 5 so maybe it is just that. He has been very aggressive and taunting his brother and the dog. My younger son is very even keeled but he has a lot of aquarius too. I guess I do observe patterns in others where they seem affected by this stuff sometimes, but I don't seem very affected myself(or at least not that I can tell.)

  4. For me, if my son is in a mood and bouncing and getting into it with others and being wound up tight, I am affected. Perhaps a bit shorter with my comments. And my desire to end the day and quickly get him into bed so I can really relax ticks up about ten notches.