Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sag New Moon December 5

I come skidding into the New Moon with my report in hand with about one hour to spare. Ah, it reminds me of college.

Anyway, I have, as always, posted the whole article on Margaret Wendt's website which you find HERE.

It is a very strong lunar cycle. We should expect a lot of energy some of it looking like mini crisis and some looking like mini awards, I expect it all to be a big ol jumbled up circus. But none of it is frivilous. There is something big under all the chaos. And how fitting is the expression, "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth." Because even the bumps we get will be a gift horse.

here is a snippet of my article. For the whole thing go to the link above.


Eight hours after the New Moon launches, Uranus which has been retrograde for the last five months will turn direct. As you may have noticed in the last several new moons we have had either a big aspect or a planet change direction within a couple hours of the New Moon. It is remarkable that these energies keep occurring right on the New Moon. This puts the accent on new beginnings but at the same time the energies can be one of two experiences. Sometimes it is like the old days when a baby was born and he got slapped by the doctor (is it too late to sue those bastards?) Or sometimes it is like an engine that upon being ignited immediately receives a boost of fuel injection. In this case with Uranus—the accent is on both.

This summer Uranus made it all the way to Zero Aries where it got into the cardinal tangle then turned retrograde and headed back to mystical Pisces where it hid and meditated for five months. Now, the mystical show is over. The monk, the priest, the rabbi, the guru, the zen master have had all the time they are going to have and must now apply their skills and change the world because when Uranus goes into Aries on March 11th it will be a completely new day.

Now ask yourself if you think it is an accident that Uranus the planet of change or upheaval (depending on how you like change) is turning direct in Sag lunar cycle? Sag who rules beliefs and knowledge, goals and setting your sights on something that is more. This is the cycle that Uranus turns direct??? Do you think Uranus wants you to be small and safe? Do you think Uranus is asking you to confine yourself? Do you think Uranus wants you to remain in the same place you have always been in? Yeah, I don’t think so either.

But at the same time Uranus is in square with Mars (there’s the slap) and it is in conjunction with Jupiter (there’s the injection of fuel). The first few days of the new moon may bring out some sparks and a warrior inside you but it should not be feared. If this comes up it is likely pointing out directions where you need to head. And certainly if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired you can take this whole Sag Lunar cycle to get on the new and dare I say, “right” path. (note to self: begin diet on new moon)

Luckily the new moon has a great aspect with Saturn which will give us the support we need as we process the changes that we know we need to make. Remember, Uranus will move not into Aries until March 11 but we are going to feel the shift in energy almost immediately when it turns direct.


  1. If there was ever a reason to believe in astrology for the non believer I would say yesterday at about 5:50-6:30 my life just kind of exploded. I got to a job that was closed only to realize the client had never told me the proper location. I have felt enraged since yesterday and this fuel has led me to make some changes in my life in dealing with future clients and family members as well. I feel like i have been asleep fora while but suddenly I am alive.

  2. Clearly, Uranus's direct motion is speaking to you, Frankd. I would trust those feelings and desires and make the changes.
    it is amazing how a messed up meeting can generate important changes.