Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Great Birthday Gift------Mary Shea

Earlier this week, my friend Zannalyn, who has the same birthday as me asked me if I had drafted my solar return chart for my birthday? The answer was NO. I had reached out and gotten a few solar returns over the last dozen years and always enjoyed them but I had not done the work of drafting my own chart.

When I double checked my astro program I realized that I needed to upgrade in order to draft solar returns which meant calling the astro place and having a big ol' conversation which I did not have the time and knew that by the time I would have the time it would be mercury retrograde. Which is not the time I would want to download an upgrade. dear, lord spare me those bumps.

But in the meantime Zann's question did get me on a hunting trip to find a decent source for a solar return chart and I am happy to say I have turned to Mary Shea.

There was a terrific discussion about Solar Return charts on Molly's Nodeorama where Lance discussed in detail the expertise in Mary's work. Go HERE for that discussion.

If you don't know anything about solar returns they are basically charts that are based on exactly where the Sun is THIS year on your birthday and what is THAT chart. So, I have a sun at 17 (and change) Sagittarius. When the Sun hit that degree (on my birthday) we look to see where are the other planets and what are those relationships. That chart sets the tone to the whole year (birthday to birthday). A couple years ago I had a solar return that was also a new moon. There were all kinds of planets in the mix and I felt like that year was a highly active time for me.

I have begun to read Mary's report and find it very thoughtful and interesting. Obviously, it is great to get your Solar Return chart before your actual birthday so you can start to prepare. And as Mary says in her discussion, you do start to feel your chart before your birthday. I can say for a fact I felt the energy start to shift in me in the fall. This also lines up with some transiting planets to my natal chart but they all usually complement one another.

If you are a Scorpio or even Libra I would still consider getting a solar return chart even though your birthday passed. You still have so much of your year left that you will most likely gain some valuable insight. And of course NOW would be a great time for you Sages, Caps and Aquarians to get your solar chart so you'll have your Mojo on.

If you are looking for another another astrology tool to call upon, consider a solar return. Here is the link to Mary's site.


  1. How cool that you had Mary Shea do your solar return! I have her book and look things up in it every year. I'd love to have her do the chart for me. Maybe it'll be in the budget next year.
    I'm doing more than my usual amount of contemplating the new year. I like that Mercury went retrograde just after our birthday, so we have a few weeks to reflect before moving full steam ahead.

  2. how about all that Mars energy we have for the year!! it is either yikes or yippee....not sure what I feel. lol.

  3. Have quietly enjoyed your posts for several months now. Thank you.

    I find Mary Shea's solar return insights are profoundly valuable. I read her book cover to cover many years ago and continue to reference it when preparing solar returns for clients. Key themes for the coming Solar year often begin to palpably reveal themselves up to three months before a birthday. I encourage clients to schedule their annual sessions within that 1-3 months window to help them more consciously identify how these themes may begin to express themselves.

  4. Cherrie,
    I agree about feeling the energy before the birthday. As I mentioned a few years ago my solar return was a new moon with a lot of action. I KNEW that was coming a month or two before my birthday. It reminded me of the song from West Side Story "something's coming i dunno what it is but it is going to be great.."

    in contrast this year I will be loaded down in earth. very little fire and I SO feel that. Very different for me but kind of looking forward to dirt. Fire is so yesterday.