Thursday, December 30, 2010

Six months later----Cardinal Climax and weather

Besides the issues surrounding economy, currencies, corporations and government (among other things)--I had an eye on another player in the cardinal climax of 2010 summer--Weather. I wondered about our strange weather last spring and summer. If you have forgotten, it was pretty hot Some say one of the hottest.

And then I read about a huge part of Greenland's ice melted right in the middle of the cardinal climax----in early August.

A piece of ice four times the size of Manhattan island has broken away from an ice shelf in Greenland, according to scientists in the U.S.

The 260 square-kilometer (100 square miles) ice island separated from the Petermann Glacier in northern Greenland early on Thursday, researchers based at the University of Delaware said.

The ice island, which is about half the height of the Empire State Building, is the biggest piece of ice to break away from the Arctic icecap since 1962 and amounts to a quarter of the Petermann 70-kilometer floating ice shelf, according to research leader Andreas Muenchow

And now here we are with more extreme weather. I was very surprised to see a 7 day rainstorm here in Los Angeles make it clear across the United States to the East coast and then move northwards and become this winter snow dump on New England. Normally, "our" weather hits the Rockies and then heads south out to the gulf or north. My understanding is it does not usually trek straight across like it did this month. Then this month there was a weird summer snow storm in Australia

For me a lot of this speaks to Uranus. Uranus got all the way to Zero Aries this summer and then retreated to Pisces. On the Sag New moon earlier in December it turned direct and is now heading for Aries where it will stay for about eight years. The last time it was in Aries was during the Depression and the Dust Bowl Days. No surprise to me that Uranus tiny move into Aries and we lose a big ol' chuck of ice. What is to come? Who knows? But I would venture a guess that the tension that was evident in the cardinal cross between Uranus/Jupiter/Pluto and Saturn planted some seeds in our weather's future.


  1. Yesterday, as I sat reading yet another "water-related"/weather article, I was wondering about what astrologically-speaking would reflect the extremes in weather and then I read your post today.

    More than 1/2 of Queensland is a disaster zone from floods; burst water mains affecting water service to tens of thousands of people in Northern Ireland, Wales and now to a lesser extent, not as widespread, in Scotland as well.

    With abnormally low temperatures well below freezing/snow, followed by a rise and thaw, many pipes burst. Scotland is shipping water to Northern Ireland as relief. Strange how all this is happening after the direct motion of Jupiter/Uranus.

    A water main broke where I live this past May and my city + other communities were without water for about 4 days. Some attributed that to burgeoning cardinal activity but I had the sneaking suspicion that we were seeing Neptune quincunx Saturn somehow.

  2. More on the weather this weekend from Australia....

    biblical floods on Queensland...

    the wet weather just seems magnified perhaps by Jupiter and Uranus's final days in watery pisces. When they both move to Aries...well, lets all get fire insurance.