Saturday, December 18, 2010

Full Moon December 21

Full Moon – Gemini
December 21 2010 3:13AM est
A full moon at the last degree of Gemini oppose to the Sun in the last degree of Sagittarius is a very interesting energy . If you need a visual think NYC’s Grand Central Station. Lines converging from all the North East into the narrow sliver of Manhattan and each line has hundreds of train cars crowded with armies and floods of humanity. Shut down those trains and you shut down the city and shut down that city you shut down the country and shut down the country and what happens to the world?

Of course this is not a full moon about Grand Central Station, but more to the point is the Grand Central Station in your life? Where is data coming to you, where is intelligence coming to you? Where is a force coming to you just to connect? What are connections? What information is coming to you from some outside world? How are you expanding your world? What are your scampering from? Where are you scampering toward? How would your life shut down if those lines were shut down?

During this full moon you will find data and communications coming to you from many sources. There will be an accent on cleverness, dexterous and making connects that speak to your vitality.

Are you feeling the energy? Good. Now let’s twist it up tighter.

Squaring the Moon and Sun is Uranus and Jupiter in Pisces. Because it is square we need to watch the negative aspects of Jupiter and Uranus. Will we be arrogant and know-it-all Jupiter? Or will be rebellious and disruptive Uranus? Will the focus be on victims and “What’s the use” Pisces? Will we recklessly exaggerate (Sag) or will we effortlessly mind f**ck others and ourselves(Gemini)? And will anyone be telling the truth?

All pretty ugly, right? So, we are challenged to reach and stretch. When we are down can we find optimism (Jupiter)? Can we find personal breakthroughs (Uranus) can we learn from others (Gemini), can we teach wisdom (Sagittarius) and can we find compassion and spirituality? (Pisces).

Luckily within a few hours of the Lunar Eclipse is the Winter Solstice which should calm us down plus the lunar eclipse is also connected to Pluto which once again puts the emphasis on Evolution (and revolution). What comes up for you on this Full Moon/Lunar eclipse can speak to changes you need to make for your own evolution. I have mentioned this before that with Pluto the changes can be great but they can start small. If you are a ship leaving San Francisco and your compass heading in one way—let’s say Australia but move it a few degrees to the west and you’ll end up in Japan. Same planet different worlds.
When the energy is swirling all around you, do your homework, if stuff comes up that speaks to the evolution you NEED to make then consider making it. It probably starts small.

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  1. By the year 2040 Blue Moon will occur these days.

    December 21, 2010
    September 19, 2013
    June 20, 2016
    June 17, 2019
    September 21, 2021
    September 18, 2024
    June 19, 2027
    September 22, 2029
    September 19, 2032
    June 20, 2035
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    September 20, 2040.