Sunday, November 29, 2020

This Astrology of this Week: November 30 - Dec 4


The astrology of this week is highlighted by the Gemini Eclipse (partial) Full Moon on Monday.  We are beginning a two year cycle that puts our ability to communicate and learn information up against our opinions and judgements.    Are they in sync?   Watch want unfolds for between 12/30 and Dec 4.  Go HERE for full moon report. 


In the meantime, we are still slogging out the tension between the moon and the outer planets in Capricorn and Mars in Aries.    If things get tense during this window, breath, be measured and thoughtful.   Don’t sell the farm but there is a way to make your point without relying on too much emotion. 


12/01 Moon enters Cancer 7:32pm PST

12/04 Moon enters Leo 4:52am PST 





Full Moon Phase –  Lunar Eclipse 

November 30    


8 Gemini 38 




Special focus 

12/1:  Mercury enters Sagittarius 



December 4, 2020  

12:27am  PDT   


Focus on:  How are you sharing your feelings to deepen connections?  How are you deepening your connections to family?   How are you reaching out to those who bring deep emotions like family?  



Special focus:


12/5: Venus trine Neptune: Love and money are inspired.  Values lined up with humanity are welcoming. 

Gemini Full Moon Partial Eclipse. Nov 30.


Gemini Full Moon Partial Eclipse 

November 30, 2020 

1:29am PST 

8 Gemini 38


We are now in the two- year eclipse cycle of Gemini and Sagittarius.  We are done with Cancer and Capricorn cycle which pounded us for two years and wrapped up this summer.  Historians of astrology will no doubt write about the Capricorn eclipse earlier in 2020 and the impact of Covid.  Not that the eclipse was the only astrological important event that made 2020 go down in the books as “Rough” but it was part of the story for sure.   


Now with the Gemini Sagittarius cycle, every six months our thinking and beliefs will be challenged and then reverberate out to the next eclipse.     We may say things, words we have spoken a million times, but now we hear them with a different ear.   We take a moment and say, “Wait is that still true?”  “Is this thing I am saying match what I really feel or believe?”   Words spoken and words thought will be gut checked against our belief system.    Like everything in astrology, the timing is perfect.  All of the cardinal outer planet energy we have experienced in the last year makes us ready to slow down now and catch our thinking.  


The full moon will be early in the morning on November 30 in the USA time zones.   Because this full moon is over 10 degrees from the nodes (which are the eclipse lines) it is a partial eclipse.    Its companion Solar eclipse, taking place on December 14 is right on the node and therefore a total eclipse in Sagittarius.    Gemini is the first air sign of the zodiac and Sagittarius the final fire sign,  as we know there is no fire without oxygen (air).     The opportunities presented in two weeks with the Sag total eclipse will benefit by all of us digging in deep and making the most out of this full moon in Gemini eclipse.


As with all full moons, the Sun opposes the Moon.  There are other aspects, but they are a bit too wide to be major influences which may be a gift as it allows us to really double down and feel the tugs and pulls of Sag and Gemini during this three- day cycle.    Gemini scratches our curiosity.   It rules siblings which is no surprise since they activate the first question in humans, “Hey who is that person over there?”   Your curiosity may come up and surprise you.  Conversations may take curious turns.   Gemini also is our neighbors and neighborhood.  Gemini is close to the ground and finds out what’s going on.   Gemini will have all kinds of data come into their world, of course, the challenge is not getting overwhelmed.    The other challenge is determining the bigger picture of the data.  What does it all mean?  Sagittarius on the other hand has big ideas and big beliefs, it has philosophical opinions that it came to through all sorts of manners.    Opinions based on experiences, education and perhaps the belief systems of family.    Beliefs and opinions are important as they can be a determining factor on our goals and aspirations.  The problem is if our opinions are based on faulty data or outdated information.   During these three days watch the information that comes in.  Is it accurate?   Is it from on the ground?  Or is it based on hearsay and gossip (the negative side of Gemini)?   At the same time, watch the opinions or judgements that you are leaning into.  Are they connected to an old paradigm?  Did they make sense at another time but do not match what is real now?   We are still in the Scorpio lunar cycle which highlights letting stuff go.   Release outdated information.   Clear your mental palate.    Also, Gemini knows how to teach us to pivot.   Pivot is critical to adaptation.   Survival of the fittest depended on who knew how to adapt.  Watch any pivots you make on this three-day full moon cycle.  It could speak to beneficial opportunities that may present themselves on the Solar Eclipse on Dec 14.      There are a lot of doors opening up in December between the eclipse and Jupiter moving into Aquarius and the Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Aquarius on Dec 21.  


Use this full moon to get rid of dusty cobweb thinking so you will be ready to aim your arrow on some worthy goals next month and 2021.    


One last note if you seem to be busy as a beaver this full moon look no further than the fact this is also the Beaver Moon.  The Farmers Almanac says this moon gets its name from the Algonquin who took note that this was the full moon where the beavers went into their den to wait out the winter.  They do not hibernate, they just are busy living their beaver life in their den.    Kind of perfect for the Gemini full moon.  






Saturday, November 21, 2020

Astrology: The Week of November 21


Astrology:  The Week of November 21 


The Sun moves into Sagittarius at 12:39pm PST on 11/21.  

We are still in the Scorpio lunar month and still processing our debris and finding our power.  But we should feel an energy shift when the Sun moves from the second water sign to the final fire sign.    We come out our shells a wee bit and for some we want to explore or go out there and find something interesting.   We seek stories and adventures. 


A few days earlier Venus left Libra and entered Scorpio putting the emphasis on finances, love and values.   How do we strengthen our values?  How do we jettison the parts of our values that no longer are in alignment with who we are or who we have become of late?  Who or what do we value that needs our support on a deep level?  How is our internal plumbing? What do we bring in that is fresh?   How are we releasing that which is toxic?      Venus will be in Scorpio until Dec 15.  Make the most of any fixes on our values that needs addressing during this three- week window.  



Moon Tangles 

Remember when the Moon is in a cardinal sign (once a week) it gets into scuffles with Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto.   Watch your own energy on these days, you may need to do some actions that speak to your own values and find your own voice especially in matters that involve business and your place in the world.   Of course, don’t forget to breathe through the bumps.   


11/24 Moon enters Aries 7:04am PST

11/26 Moon enters Taurus 7:43pm PST 

Happy Thanksgiving! 



First Quarter Moon 

November 21, 2020

8:44pm PST 



Focus on:  What actions are you taking that speak to your faith?  What actions are you taking speak to your spirituality?  What actions are cut and dried in your mind but would benefit by nuance?  How are you connecting to something bigger than you? 



Special Note

11/23: Mercury trine Neptune.  Language and communication are softened and inspired.  Conversations of faith are uplifting. 




Gibbous Moon

November 25,  2020 

10:19pm PST 




Focus on:  How are you refining your independence?  How are you refining your ability to be self-determined?  How are you refining your inner warrior to break new ground?  


Special focus

11/27: Venus oppose Uranus   Disruption and shock.  Love and money are shaken.  Values feel electrified or electrocuted. 

11/28: Neptune station direct 4:36pm PST 18 Pisces 10  (see other post)



Neptune Stations Direct: November 28


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Neptune Station Direct 

November 28, 4:36pm

18 Pisces 09

Neptune ends its retrograde which started on June 22 at 21 degrees of Pisces and is now at 18 Pisces.  For the last five months Neptune has done what it does best during its annual retrograde.  It speaks to us through aspirational dreamy desires.   On some level around the station direct date we may feel united to humanity.  Perhaps we see the best in those who deserve it, but we may also miss the mark and put fuzzy filters on those who need clear eyed focus.   Having the Neptune change of direction in the Scorpio lunar phase supports us to connect to the unworldly part of our place in the universe on our psyche level.   We will not have all the heady answers as to why we are here?  But we may have moments where we feel just in synch with the universe.  

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Astrology of This Week: November 17 -21


This week continues with Scorpio New Moon.    We are getting down to our plumbing.  What do we take in?  What is the source for what we take in?  What are we releasing?  What are we letting go?  

Moon Tangles 

Once a week, we have been experiencing these tough two and a half day cycles since July.  We may feel ourselves pulled into the maelstroms.  We could feel like we are fighting stuff alone.   Try to be gentle with self and others on these bumpy days.  Breathe before acting. 



11/17 Moon enters Capricorn 8:34 am PST

11/18 Moon enters Aquarius 12:24 am PST 

We also move into Crescent phase on the 18th, focusing on bigger systems like government, business and leadership.  On the 19th there is a tough aspect between Venus and Saturn, matters of love and money and values in general feel like they are between a rock and a hard place.   Take care of self.  Find gentleness.   There is power in gentle.   There is power in patience.  


This focus:   We focus on the deep power that is our emotions.   We clear out emotional debris that no longer serves us.  We jettison stuff that is a waste of our time.  We do actions that empower us.  We internally turn corners and seek rebirth.  


Crescent Moon Phase

November 18 

4:12am PST 



Focus on: What information are you learning that speaks to you about government?  What are you learning about big business?  What are you learning about effective systems that work for you?  What are you learning about abuse of power?   



Special Focus

11/19: Venus square Saturn.  Money/Love/Values feel restricted.  Responsibilities feel great.  

11/21: Venus enters Scorpio 

11/21:  Sun enters Sagittarius  

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Scorpio New Moon. November 14, 2020


November 14, 2020   9:21pm PST 

23 Scorpio 18

Scorpio New Moon and the 29 day cycle will be welcomed to a world who is tired to their bones. 

As we connect to the power we can be rejuvenated.  Don't we all need it? 

My New Moon post is HERE.  

Monday, November 9, 2020

Astrology: The Week of Nov 9


11/11 Moon enters Libra 8:09am PST 

11/13 Moon enters Scorpio 8:18am PST

As we have discussed, once a week the Moon is in a cardinal sign and it hits a trip wire with Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn.  Drama, tension short fuses everwhere between the morning of 11/11 until 11/13 at 8:18am 


Last Quarter Moon Phase

November 8, 2020 

5:45am PST  




Last Quarter moon:  Now we do the final adjustments to the seeds we planted on new. The final call, the final letters to send, we follow all the trails that came up that still make sense.  And we let the other parts lay fallow. It is a time of action but wise action.  It is a time for living “The serenity prayer” 


God, grant me the Serenity
to accept the things
I cannot change Courage to change the
things I can, and the
Wisdom to know the difference.




Focus on:

What actions are you taking that activate your courage? What actions are you taking that support your boldness?  What actions are you taking that speak to your ability to lead?  What actions are you taking that showcase your talents? 



Special focus

11/9:  Sun trine Neptune.  In a quiet stillness you will find a part of yourself you don’t usually see or feel.  It is connected to universal power and universal love.  Find it. 

11/10: Mercury enters Scorpio 


Balsamic Moon Phase


November 11, 2020

4:25pm PST    


Balsamic:   We let go.  By releasing we can prepare for the new.  



Focus on How are you releasing your passive aggressiveness?  How are you releasing your wishy-washy?  


11/12: Jupiter conjunct Pluto.  Big meets Power.   Philosophy meets Business.  Judgment meets Banking.  Opinions meets Economy.  

11/13: Mars stations direct 4:35pm PST 15 Aries 13 


Scorpio New Moon November 14, 9:07 pm PST 

Mars Stations Direct: November 13


Mars Station Direct

November 13, 4:35pm PST 

15 Aries 14 


Finally!  Relief.   Mars our warrior friend will finally straighten out and fly straight and not one tiny second too early.  


Let’s go over those Mars dates:


Sep 9         Mars stations retrograde 28 Aries 09

Sep 29       Mars square Saturn

0ct 9          Mars square Pluto

Oct 18       Mars square Jupiter

Nov 13      Mars stations direct 15 Aries 14

Dec 23       Mars square Pluto

Jan 2         Mars exits shadow 

Jan 6         Mars enters Taurus 


Technically we have been in this rough period since Mars started having tough aspects in the summer with the outer planets. Then when Mars turned retrograde on September 9, everything went on steroids.   Once Mars turns direct, he will begin his journey to sanity, but it is vital that we consider what we have learned about our own power during this cycle?  Did we collapse?  Did we buckle down?  When stuff got thrown our way did we find new solutions?  How did we tap into our survival mode?   We should all do a victory lap that we are here and celebrate our new skills and powers.  It may have been lonely at times, this astrologer over here raises her hand, but it will be worth all the struggle when it is over.  Put on our cape, you are a hero. 

Jupiter conjoins Pluto: November 12



Jupiter Conjunct Pluto 

November 12, 2020

1:38pm PST


Are you feeling  it? 

Jupiter and Pluto have been on top of each other all year.  The final conjunction on November 12 will be the third in the triology where the first meet up was April 4 and the second on June 29th.     Covid and its impact both physically and economically was pronounced around both dates.  For many of us this conjunction is exhausting. It has been difficult to live through as a human just trying to get through life.   Pulling out a bit, the stock market heaved up and down around those earlier dates and there was a lot of discussion on which bail outs would help during Covid.  It stands to reason we should anticipate more discussion about Covid Relief around this final conjunction. 

Speaking of exhaustion, it is good to remember that the last time Jupiter and Pluto were in conjunction in the sign Capricorn was 1771.   For those of us familiar with American history we know this was the run up to the Independence War.   Something was happening that would set up the future for USA. 


Now the USA future is being formed again in 2020.   ‘What works?’ asks Capricorn.  ‘Who in power and is effective?’  Asks Pluto.   ‘How are people’s beliefs being transformed?’ asks Jupiter conjunct Pluto.   ‘What are the big ideas?’  Asks Jupiter.   Then at the end of the year, Jupiter will finally move out of Capricorn and into Aquarius on Dec 19and on Dec 21 it will conjunct Saturn in Aquarius setting off a new cycle in air signs for the next 200 years.  In Aquarius we will consider humanity and what serves the majority.  What is humane?  Watch for issues in the news and our personal life where we ask: ‘What works?’  ‘Who is in power and are they effective?’  ‘How are people’s beliefs being transformed?’  ‘What are the big ideas?’    There could be some pain and a sober note that something is not working.  Death and rebirth are critical for Pluto including death of an idea or thinking.    As always, breathe through the tension.


Monday, November 2, 2020

Mercury Stations Direct. Nov. 3.


Mercury Direct 

November 3 9:49am PST 


Thank god this cycle is almost complete. 


Let’s go over the dates for Mercury:


Sep 23       Mercury enters shadow 

9/27:         Mercury enters Scorpio 

Oct 13       stations retrograde 11 Scorpio 40

Oct 27       Mercury re-enters Libra  

Nov 3        Stations direct 25 Libra 54  9:49am 

Nov 10      Mercury re-enters Scorpio 

Nov 19      Mercury leaves shadow 


So,  are we spent?  Are we mentally exhausted?  In the last three weeks we have been processing a lot.  What information have we learned that was accurate?  What information have we learned that was incorrect?   Where did we take a minute and go deeper into something?  What research did we do and what were the results?   

We should all feel the energy lift when Mercury turns direct.  It might be subtle but there could be mental shift that feels brighter. 

Libra appreciates balance, compansionship, relationships, it understand give and take.   Venus the planet of love is the ruling planet of Libra.   What we do for love will be on our minds as Mercury unwinds.   Values and what we appreciate will be on our minds.    We may be called to step again in a deep way when Mercury returns to Scorpio.  

It is also important to note that Mercury will turn direct at 9:49am PST on November 3 in the middle of the election day in the USA.   Make a plan for how you are going to vote --don’t just wing it.