Sunday, November 29, 2020

Gemini Full Moon Partial Eclipse. Nov 30.


Gemini Full Moon Partial Eclipse 

November 30, 2020 

1:29am PST 

8 Gemini 38


We are now in the two- year eclipse cycle of Gemini and Sagittarius.  We are done with Cancer and Capricorn cycle which pounded us for two years and wrapped up this summer.  Historians of astrology will no doubt write about the Capricorn eclipse earlier in 2020 and the impact of Covid.  Not that the eclipse was the only astrological important event that made 2020 go down in the books as “Rough” but it was part of the story for sure.   


Now with the Gemini Sagittarius cycle, every six months our thinking and beliefs will be challenged and then reverberate out to the next eclipse.     We may say things, words we have spoken a million times, but now we hear them with a different ear.   We take a moment and say, “Wait is that still true?”  “Is this thing I am saying match what I really feel or believe?”   Words spoken and words thought will be gut checked against our belief system.    Like everything in astrology, the timing is perfect.  All of the cardinal outer planet energy we have experienced in the last year makes us ready to slow down now and catch our thinking.  


The full moon will be early in the morning on November 30 in the USA time zones.   Because this full moon is over 10 degrees from the nodes (which are the eclipse lines) it is a partial eclipse.    Its companion Solar eclipse, taking place on December 14 is right on the node and therefore a total eclipse in Sagittarius.    Gemini is the first air sign of the zodiac and Sagittarius the final fire sign,  as we know there is no fire without oxygen (air).     The opportunities presented in two weeks with the Sag total eclipse will benefit by all of us digging in deep and making the most out of this full moon in Gemini eclipse.


As with all full moons, the Sun opposes the Moon.  There are other aspects, but they are a bit too wide to be major influences which may be a gift as it allows us to really double down and feel the tugs and pulls of Sag and Gemini during this three- day cycle.    Gemini scratches our curiosity.   It rules siblings which is no surprise since they activate the first question in humans, “Hey who is that person over there?”   Your curiosity may come up and surprise you.  Conversations may take curious turns.   Gemini also is our neighbors and neighborhood.  Gemini is close to the ground and finds out what’s going on.   Gemini will have all kinds of data come into their world, of course, the challenge is not getting overwhelmed.    The other challenge is determining the bigger picture of the data.  What does it all mean?  Sagittarius on the other hand has big ideas and big beliefs, it has philosophical opinions that it came to through all sorts of manners.    Opinions based on experiences, education and perhaps the belief systems of family.    Beliefs and opinions are important as they can be a determining factor on our goals and aspirations.  The problem is if our opinions are based on faulty data or outdated information.   During these three days watch the information that comes in.  Is it accurate?   Is it from on the ground?  Or is it based on hearsay and gossip (the negative side of Gemini)?   At the same time, watch the opinions or judgements that you are leaning into.  Are they connected to an old paradigm?  Did they make sense at another time but do not match what is real now?   We are still in the Scorpio lunar cycle which highlights letting stuff go.   Release outdated information.   Clear your mental palate.    Also, Gemini knows how to teach us to pivot.   Pivot is critical to adaptation.   Survival of the fittest depended on who knew how to adapt.  Watch any pivots you make on this three-day full moon cycle.  It could speak to beneficial opportunities that may present themselves on the Solar Eclipse on Dec 14.      There are a lot of doors opening up in December between the eclipse and Jupiter moving into Aquarius and the Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Aquarius on Dec 21.  


Use this full moon to get rid of dusty cobweb thinking so you will be ready to aim your arrow on some worthy goals next month and 2021.    


One last note if you seem to be busy as a beaver this full moon look no further than the fact this is also the Beaver Moon.  The Farmers Almanac says this moon gets its name from the Algonquin who took note that this was the full moon where the beavers went into their den to wait out the winter.  They do not hibernate, they just are busy living their beaver life in their den.    Kind of perfect for the Gemini full moon.  






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