Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Astrology of This Week: November 17 -21


This week continues with Scorpio New Moon.    We are getting down to our plumbing.  What do we take in?  What is the source for what we take in?  What are we releasing?  What are we letting go?  

Moon Tangles 

Once a week, we have been experiencing these tough two and a half day cycles since July.  We may feel ourselves pulled into the maelstroms.  We could feel like we are fighting stuff alone.   Try to be gentle with self and others on these bumpy days.  Breathe before acting. 



11/17 Moon enters Capricorn 8:34 am PST

11/18 Moon enters Aquarius 12:24 am PST 

We also move into Crescent phase on the 18th, focusing on bigger systems like government, business and leadership.  On the 19th there is a tough aspect between Venus and Saturn, matters of love and money and values in general feel like they are between a rock and a hard place.   Take care of self.  Find gentleness.   There is power in gentle.   There is power in patience.  


This focus:   We focus on the deep power that is our emotions.   We clear out emotional debris that no longer serves us.  We jettison stuff that is a waste of our time.  We do actions that empower us.  We internally turn corners and seek rebirth.  


Crescent Moon Phase

November 18 

4:12am PST 



Focus on: What information are you learning that speaks to you about government?  What are you learning about big business?  What are you learning about effective systems that work for you?  What are you learning about abuse of power?   



Special Focus

11/19: Venus square Saturn.  Money/Love/Values feel restricted.  Responsibilities feel great.  

11/21: Venus enters Scorpio 

11/21:  Sun enters Sagittarius  

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