Monday, November 9, 2020

Jupiter conjoins Pluto: November 12



Jupiter Conjunct Pluto 

November 12, 2020

1:38pm PST


Are you feeling  it? 

Jupiter and Pluto have been on top of each other all year.  The final conjunction on November 12 will be the third in the triology where the first meet up was April 4 and the second on June 29th.     Covid and its impact both physically and economically was pronounced around both dates.  For many of us this conjunction is exhausting. It has been difficult to live through as a human just trying to get through life.   Pulling out a bit, the stock market heaved up and down around those earlier dates and there was a lot of discussion on which bail outs would help during Covid.  It stands to reason we should anticipate more discussion about Covid Relief around this final conjunction. 

Speaking of exhaustion, it is good to remember that the last time Jupiter and Pluto were in conjunction in the sign Capricorn was 1771.   For those of us familiar with American history we know this was the run up to the Independence War.   Something was happening that would set up the future for USA. 


Now the USA future is being formed again in 2020.   ‘What works?’ asks Capricorn.  ‘Who in power and is effective?’  Asks Pluto.   ‘How are people’s beliefs being transformed?’ asks Jupiter conjunct Pluto.   ‘What are the big ideas?’  Asks Jupiter.   Then at the end of the year, Jupiter will finally move out of Capricorn and into Aquarius on Dec 19and on Dec 21 it will conjunct Saturn in Aquarius setting off a new cycle in air signs for the next 200 years.  In Aquarius we will consider humanity and what serves the majority.  What is humane?  Watch for issues in the news and our personal life where we ask: ‘What works?’  ‘Who is in power and are they effective?’  ‘How are people’s beliefs being transformed?’  ‘What are the big ideas?’    There could be some pain and a sober note that something is not working.  Death and rebirth are critical for Pluto including death of an idea or thinking.    As always, breathe through the tension.


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