Saturday, November 21, 2020

Neptune Stations Direct: November 28


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Neptune Station Direct 

November 28, 4:36pm

18 Pisces 09

Neptune ends its retrograde which started on June 22 at 21 degrees of Pisces and is now at 18 Pisces.  For the last five months Neptune has done what it does best during its annual retrograde.  It speaks to us through aspirational dreamy desires.   On some level around the station direct date we may feel united to humanity.  Perhaps we see the best in those who deserve it, but we may also miss the mark and put fuzzy filters on those who need clear eyed focus.   Having the Neptune change of direction in the Scorpio lunar phase supports us to connect to the unworldly part of our place in the universe on our psyche level.   We will not have all the heady answers as to why we are here?  But we may have moments where we feel just in synch with the universe.  

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