Monday, November 2, 2020

Mercury Stations Direct. Nov. 3.


Mercury Direct 

November 3 9:49am PST 


Thank god this cycle is almost complete. 


Let’s go over the dates for Mercury:


Sep 23       Mercury enters shadow 

9/27:         Mercury enters Scorpio 

Oct 13       stations retrograde 11 Scorpio 40

Oct 27       Mercury re-enters Libra  

Nov 3        Stations direct 25 Libra 54  9:49am 

Nov 10      Mercury re-enters Scorpio 

Nov 19      Mercury leaves shadow 


So,  are we spent?  Are we mentally exhausted?  In the last three weeks we have been processing a lot.  What information have we learned that was accurate?  What information have we learned that was incorrect?   Where did we take a minute and go deeper into something?  What research did we do and what were the results?   

We should all feel the energy lift when Mercury turns direct.  It might be subtle but there could be mental shift that feels brighter. 

Libra appreciates balance, compansionship, relationships, it understand give and take.   Venus the planet of love is the ruling planet of Libra.   What we do for love will be on our minds as Mercury unwinds.   Values and what we appreciate will be on our minds.    We may be called to step again in a deep way when Mercury returns to Scorpio.  

It is also important to note that Mercury will turn direct at 9:49am PST on November 3 in the middle of the election day in the USA.   Make a plan for how you are going to vote --don’t just wing it.   

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