Monday, September 29, 2014

This Week!!

This Week

We begin the week in the Crescent Phase which started on Sunday.   As always during Crescent we are receiving information.   Even if we don’t realize we are getting something, we are getting it.  

This Crescent is focused on:

Focus on:  What are you learning about expanding your world?  What are you learning about laughter?  How does a big fat belly laugh uplift your soul?   What are you learning about being ‘right’?   Does being right improve your relationship or hurt it?   Is your partner being ‘right’ helpful or not?
What are you learning? 

On Monday (9/29) Venus moves into its home sign Libra.    Some of our gentleness will be coaxed out of us.   Issues around beauty and resources will be pronounced. 

First Quarter Moon
October 1
3:32pm EDT

As we remember, with a First Quarter Moon we do actions based on the seeds we planted on New Moon ( 9/23-9/28)

Focus on:  What actions can you take that push you up the ladder? How would your partnership(s) benefit by you finding your inner CEO?   What does it mean to you and your partner for you to step up your game?  Not just in work but in the world?  

On Saturday October 4, we have a horse of a different color.  It is a day with a lot going on.  Some perks, a lot of tension.   And Mercury Retrograde.   (that post will follow) .      Whatever are you plans for that day, BE ADAPTABLE to CHANGE! 

Special focus
10/4: Mercury retrograde 1:02pm EDT Until October 25 (see above)
10/4: Sun/Pluto: Ego breaks, fear versus flying without a net, cracks bring new growth
10/4: Venus/Saturn: Money and love feel tweaked and pinched.  Relationships and joint resources  grow up.
10/4: Mars/Uranus:  Actions and energy, individual endeavors expand knowledge, build bridges.  Spirit is lifted by action


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