Sunday, October 5, 2014

This Week

The week ahead

This week will have some bumps.   

The week starts off in the Gibbous phase.  

Focus on:
Who are the people around you?  Are they connected to your higher self?  Do they speak to your highest ideals?  How are your relationship improving or suffering because of the company you keep?    How do your partner(s) keep you away from the people who share your high ideals?   How are you processing it?

On October 7 a Sun/Uranus aspect accents personal breakthroughs versus commitments and relationships.  Is there a way to find a balance?
Also on October 7/ Mercury & Mars in small tough aspect accenting short fuses, mental stresses and short snappy comments. 

Then on October 8 at 6:50am EDT we have the Lunar Eclipse in Aries.  
It is a doozy.   This full moon is wobbly, a bit chaotic and tense. We are challenged by our desire to be there for others but at the same time not lose sight of self.   Do we have the skills to balance both self and others?  Do we have a choice?   (See following post). 

Also on:
10/8 Venus/Pluto get into it.  Love and money feel powerless.   Power feels loveless.   And Mars/Jupiter:  Action in faith meet abundance in creativity.    

10/10: Sun/Jupiter:  Relationship expansions, pleasure, joy, theatrics.  Fun.
10/11: Venus/Uranus.  Love and money desire breakthroughs.  Breakthroughs desire love and companionship. 

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  1. Amazing all the grisly beheadings...Uranus in Aries?