Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jay Leno's big surprise

NBC picks Jay Leno for 5 nights a week at 10pm.

In what can only be described as one hell of a bold move by a television network, Jay Leno who is on the cusp of handing over the "Tonight Show" to Conan O'Brien has been offered Prime Time.
Yep, he is leaving late night but he is not leaving NBC, he is heading for Primetime. It will be 10pm --Monday through Friday for the 58 year old Taurus. This is an extraordinary offer and apparently extraordinary acceptance. If what the NY Times writes is true (yes, I said, "if") Jeff Zucker had offered something equally astonishing to Dave Letterman in 2002 but apparently Dave declined. Of course, 2002 and 2008 are two completely different years in one helluva strange decade. But the bottom line is that Jay Leno said "Yes."
I have drafted a chart on Jay based on Natori Moore's article which indicated Lois Rodden's data-- Using a Tropical Chart----Jay has Aquarius Rising, Sun in Taurus and Moon in Virgo.
Love of work is clearly indicated by the Moon in Virgo conjunct Saturn in Virgo in the 7th. Yes, he is married and has been for a very long time and not prone to fickle attentions--again Saturn/Moon Virgo. But certainly he is well known his other love----WORK and DRIVE and definitely DEDICATION to his job. Without going into all the details about what makes him tick-- love of cars, Mars conjunct Moon...blah, blah, it is more interesting to note the transiting planets at this time.
The announcement of this deal, (which my belief is something that was locked in the last couple of days) we see that Pluto in Capricorn has just left his 10th house on December 5. How interesting if you think about it. Many critics and entertainment reporters have been discussing the death of Jay's life with the passing of the Tonight Show. It seemed to be premature death given his ratings were stronger than ever. Put still there seemed to be a ping ponging of reports from death to resurrection whenever pundits reported on "What is Jay going to do?" Many said, "Is this it for him?" Other said, "NBC screwed up" by giving it to Conan too early. Others suggested he was about one minute from taking his power to ABC. The bottom line is that it was all so Pluto. Death and rebirth and power---all Pluto words...everywhere.
But there was little talk about "Hey let's put him on Primetime five nights a week." That was bold and unusual and that is much more 11th house than 10th house. So, yes, while Pluto wrapped up its time in his 10th it picked on his carcass but by the time it made the move to 11, it is a whole new day for Jay. 11th house is a new group of people. Perhaps a new audience.
And of course, while Pluto begins its long march in Capricorn it is building towards a grand trine with his Sun in Taurus and his Moon in Virgo. But first things first it had to get into Cap which it did (Thanksgiving week) and rang the bell of his chart. Transiting Pluto is also opposing his Uranus in Cancer. But that is a generational aspect meaning anyone born a year or so before and after him is getting this aspect. It is one of the mid life crisis, although I don't know if 59 can be called Midlife, anywway it is taking place in his 5th (entertainment) house and 11th (group & associations). Will he fit with this new crowd?
Also Saturn is opposing his Venus and since Venus is in his first house this involves his basic identity. Wanting to be liked is clear for those with Venus in the first. Saturn in the 7th house of open enemies suggests to me there will be some people who will be very vocal about their distaste for Jay and this deal. And it might come at a cost to him when it is pointed out over and over again that the only reason why he was given this deal was because he was the cheapest show around. Do you really feel good about yourself when you are told over and over again, "We like you because you don't cost us much" ? This Saturn aspect will last through next summer so he's going to have to toughen up--ah, how Saturn.
Additionally, Uranus has been driving back and forth over his Venus and will continue to do so through the end of December of 2009. Venus rules values so it will be interesting to see how he is valued or devalued. Uranus is unusual so it can't be predicted. Nor how he personalizes it. At the same time transiting Neptune has been back and forth around his Ascendent since early 2008 and will continue to go back and forth through 2009. This tells me that we can not possibly predict how this deal is going to work out for him. There will be some changing opinions as Neptune dissolves everything when it crosses his Ascendent but also Neptune builds up gossamer wings right after it dissolves. He will continue to be an enigma.
The bottom line is that Jay's Taurus Sun is pretty hard to bet against. Even the 'smartest' pundits in the world have been proven wrong by Jay. And given that Pluto's trek through Capricorn will build towards a Grand Trine between his Moon in Virgo and his Sun in Taurus, tells me that there is a lot there for him to accomplish and with Pluto's energy , he will have a great deal of support.
Of course there is more to his chart but that is a few notes at first blush.
More on the deal HERE

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