Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kristen Wiig---How about that Leo?!

Did you see Bridesmaids? Did you say to yourself while you were watching it, "OMG, did she/they just do that????!" It was a very funny movie.

Kristen Wiig, the star of the film has been on SNL for years and has been featured in movies but this role in this film is clearly a break out. It made a ton of money and appealed to both a male and female audience. Kristen and her friend Annie Mumolo spent years writing and rewriting the script and clearly worth the wait.

Kristen Wiig was born August 23, 1973 Canandaigua (NY) (Time unknown)

Kristen's is a Leo--- but just barely at 29 degrees. If she had been born the next day she would be a Virgo and I'm confident if that was the case, there would be no Bridesmaids.

Her Moon is in Gemini and even though we don't know the degree, the Gemini factor is obvious if you watch her on SNL. Her versatility in voices and characters is pure Gemini. Like Mercury, Gemini rules writers so it perfect that she would co-write the script that would shoot her to the next level. Her own Mercury is in confident Leo which explains her ability to put her characters in an absolute buffoonery state. She takes embarrassing to a new degree that only Leo could stand behind. Hard to imagine a Mercury in Virgo having those guts.

One thing that strikes me as very interesting is transiting Pluto has been squaring Kristen's Pluto during all the time she was building her fame in SNL, this is a generational aspect meaning that she and everyone born her year and around it has had this square. Mettle was being tested for her whole group. Now, Pluto is no longer squaring it, she is ready to break out. Pluto also in conjunction to her north node in Capricorn is giving her a career a meteoric boost.

Her breakout year is also explained by Uranus in Aries opposing her Venus and Pluto in Libra.

With a square there is pressure to act, to do something. It can be difficult because there is no hiding in complacency. You can't just sit back and do nothing. With an opposition, you swing back and forth on an issue, "should I do this, or should I do that?" Remember, the opposition is like a full moon. There is an outside influence putting a light on something that we need to address. With Venus involved, the energy from Uranus is probably putting focus on money and values. At the end of Bridesmaids I could feel Bridesmaid2 lurking off shore. Guarantee money maker. But is this what Kristen wants? Is there more that she wants to do? Or is she feeling, 'this was luck' 'will lightening even strike twice?" Oppositions have us mulling things so much that insecurity will ooze out even if we are a normally confident person.

Also, Neptune is opposing her Sun which can explain the success of Bridesmaid. Neptune rules films and actors and leaves a glamour patina on whatever it touches. She must feel like, 'is this happening?'

Back to Pluto conjunct Kristin's north node in Capricorn. North Node in Capricorn is all about business and being professional. Emotions are not to get in the way of prudence. And if you look at the casting of Bridemaids, it was spot on. I am positive most of the cast were friends with Kristen and or Judd Apatow (Executive Producer) but they were NOT cast because of friendship. No way, no how with Kristen's node. They were cast because they were the RIGHT person to play the role. No surprise that performers like Melissa McCarthy and Ellie Kemper were 'discovered' by the rest of us. Melissa made me cry with laughter, seriously, everything she did was hysterical. I also loved that she had an arm brace on her wrist and never mentioned why. Just perfect.

While the whole world is shuddering as Pluto cruises through Capricorn, it is nice to see Capricorn when it excels. It has taken a long time for female gang comedies to arrive. Traditional wisdom in Hollywood has been "women won't go to them." Thank god, that limited thinking has been shattered with Bridesmaids.

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  1. It´s funny because she looks like a virgo or even a capricorn too me. She gives me that vibe in her acting, like very subtle bitterness like her chaacter in Bridemaids but there´s not much of those signs in her apparently.