Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Libra New Moon October 7 2010

Libra New Moon is this Thursday at 2:44pm EDT (october 7)

It is really an interesting energy because we have got Venus, Libra's ruling planet turning retrograde a few hours after New Moon. That should get our attention that maybe we are suppose to work on our relatioships!

There is much to the moon, here is a snippet but of course you will find my whole article over on Margaret Wendt's website.

I am happy to say that this Lunar cycle is not nearly as crammed with harsh aspects as previous moons. However the work in front of us is of paramount importance. It might not be complicated but it cuts to our bone much deeper. This month we are being pulled to get our relationships together!

“Hasta luego, Pluto—Hola, Saturn”

First of all let’s thank our lucky stars that this new moon is taking place at 15 degrees of Libra which is a full glorious 13 degrees AWAY from Pluto in Capricorn. Yeah!!! After our long, hot summer where we experienced tensions, it is nice that the Sun and Moon are not doing battle with Pluto on this lunar phase.

As we all know --and I’m not going to belabor this because I have talked about it ad nauseam all summer ---Libra is the sign of relationships and partnerships. Libra energy is focused on finding the happy medium. It is striving to find the “grey” when everyone else is screaming “black” or “white”. It is the sign of negotiations and contracts. If you check your lunar chart and find the house with Libra you will find the need for balance and compromise. Of course, when Libra is coming from an evolved place it can be a masterful negotiator. It is the best lawyer working to make a good contract for everyone. It is the greatest counselor in the world, listening to everyone’s side and drawing a smart plan that makes sure everyone is happy. Who doesn’t love a little Libra in their chart? But of course every sign has its character defects and when Libra is being bad and yes, I’m using that word—it is lazy, duplicitous and unwilling to put its ass out on the line. Additionally, it can hold up a cardboard cutout of itself and claim, “Hey that is me, it really is!” but of course at the end of the night Libra has to go to bed wondering if his fake side is over powering his real side? And at what cost?

We are in a unique period because once every 28 years Saturn transits Libra. And believe me when Saturn goes through a sign it will find every weakness, flaw, character defect and take it out in the backyard and shoot it. Between 2009

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  1. I saw Bill McKibben speak tonight and thought about another important aspect of relationship: our relationship with the ecosytem, to our planet & humanity as a whole--how seemingly insignificant choices (like buying a $5 T-shirt at Target) have wide-range effects (the carbon emitted by production & distribution of products like this contributes to the climate change which is already destroying lives around the world, not to mention the human rights issues involved in questionable labor practices). Our lack of consciousness regarding interdependence & our relationship as one planet is rapidly reaching crisis proportions. Check out 350.org and the international work/awareness day on 10-10-10.