Friday, October 22, 2010

Aries Full Moon-Do you feel the Sparks????

Aries Full Moon

October 22 – 9:38pm EDT

Whether an astrologer will admit it or not, I think we all have our favorite full moons and in my case I have a warm spot for Aries Full Moon. But then I enjoy a good old brawl. Or at the very least some terrific sparks. Which you get with Air sign Libra and combustible Aries. With this Full Moon, Libra is all about sharing and relating and trying to find balance while Missy Moon in Aries, is about messing with balance by demanding that we talk about HER needs. It is not about ‘us’ it is about ‘me’! You’ll see a lot of “You're selfish, what about us?” discussion this weekend. Perhaps in your own living room. Of course, when Libra is up for the task and willing to do the work they are an effective negotiator. But when they are feeling pushed into a corner or when they aren’t ‘ready’ they will get deliberately noncommittal and vague. Which does nothing but infuriate Ares. There will be sparks for the next 3.5 days. People trying to make peace and others saying, “eff peace. I want to take care of me!”

Additionally, Mercury is the planet of communication and speaks to how our brains work, and it is conjunct The Sun which puts the accent on saying what we want and thinking a lot about the stuff we CAN’T say. And since Mercury is opposing the Moon there will be a lot that we feel we can’t talk about---which will piss us off (Aries). Luckily there is also a lovely Sun conjunct Venus so that will soften some of the anger and accentuate the things we love and value. We should also expect a smattering of ‘WooWoo” with the Sun trine Neptune. A ghost or psychic could l get our attention. And watch our dreams!! They could speak volumes.

Furthermore, Pluto who is the greatest digger and driller around is making a nice trine to Moon. We can get under and really find an answer to something that has baffled us for while. Take a look at the news this Friday. See if someone releases a story that is really BIG news but they do it on Friday because they think no one will see it (Pluto tries to be stealth) Whatever it is it could be significant.

Finally, in all this angst and pleasure there will be a door that opens. This is a long range door opening since it has to do with Pluto and the Nodes. We’ll be in it for a while but this full moon has more oomph since the Moon in Aries flames it up a bit. Remember doorways are funny, a few years ago I got fat and I had a couple people tell me, “What are you going to do—you are fat.” I laughed each time because I knew it was true and then finally I did something when a third friend said something to me. I guess it could have stung me, if I was in denial but I knew he was right and within a month I was on a serious diet, he pushed me through “the door”. See where you get pushed and consider it is possibly a door.

Happy Full Moon


  1. Well! Thanks for explaining to me what just happened at my house tonite!
    First I had a crazy strong headache hit me (of course- Aries moon!). And then without warning, hubs and I had the craziest loudest angriest fight we have ever had. He actually pushed me down though he has never been violent in 5+ years. We both yelled and cried until we were hoarse, and then as suddenly as it started it was over, and we had silence.
    I have been sitting here thinking how very weird the whole thing was; don't know why I didn't think astrologically! I will take a hint from my Aries baby and forget all about the terrible temper tantrums we experienced tonight.
    and now I am off to check the news. Thanks for blogging, Tracy!

  2. I don't know about sparks, but egg shells, for sure. *_*

  3. Yeah, agreed, big thanks for blogging!!! Sparks, pleasure, a great deal of good news and communication for a few of the people closest to me- it's really been an extraordinary day in my little corner of the universe!


    "Leaked Docs: War "Even Uglier Than We Thought"
    Secret Military Reports Released by WikiLeaks Detail Deaths and Abuse of Iraqi Civilians, Mostly at Hands of Fellow Iraqis"

    Does this count as really big news? The release wasn't stealthy but secret documents might fit the bill...

  5. Yeah, that was one effin' emotional moon in my world. lots of stuff going on around people I care about including some family. sigh. Totally looking forward to disseminating on Tuesday.

    I saw that about the wiki leaks. I also saw something about unemployment about the "real" figure of job losses and unemployed people but now I can't find it.