Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Midterm Elections November 2, 2010

Today's election is taking place with Moon in Virgo---it is hard to qualify these sort of things but I have a feeling if questioned a lot of people either showed up to vote because they are feeling critical or they voted out of duty both very Virgo.

One thing that is curious is that on November 4, 2008--Saturn and Uranus had their first of many exact oppositions. This pit old versus new; status quo versus change. What was the result? Obama was elected president. Interestingly this man who spoke of change and looked like change was elected. But now two years later many people see him as a man of status quo--including those who voted for him back in 08. Who knew? Well, many of us astrologers did remind everyone that oppositions can be funny--you think one thing and another thing happens.

Up until a short time ago, The White House indicated that any votes that resulted in a huge Republican lead would not be a referendum on The President. I am sure they have their reasoning for this position but I gotta say..for the entire voting period (in all time zones) the Moon is opposite Uranus the planet of change and opposite Jupiter the planet of BIG opinions. As of this time, the west coast polling stations have just closed but I have not been online to check the news.

I will say that if any elected official is anything close to a tie--they should NOT throw in the towel. Especially if a network news defines someone as a winner. Mercury in square to Neptune suggestS---either delusional thinking or downright misinformation. Of course, Mercury will be trining Jupiter which will add jet fuel to the blogosphere and political pundits. Nothing but shooting off their mouths!

And will there be any hangovers from today's events? Of course!!! What do you think Uranus and Pluto's push on each other all during 2011 and then exactly punching each other seven times between 2011-2015!!!

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  1. Obama did not go that bad that many too many thought or simply hoped and Tea Party did not go that good that many too many hoped for or simply thought...

    Commenting the Moon in Virgo I do think this: No matter this election was not the “fall” in Fall that many desired or longed, continuing this way means for Obama to be surely **not** elected in the Second Mandate...

    Virgo is related to women, and Hilary Clinton I think has been the one who took more advantage in this Presidency...

    Would it be a sign of the next election where Hilary Clinton will face a Republican candidate, perhaps even Sarah Palin who also did not go well, here “protégé” did not reach a good result...

    Virg > Moon > Woman ---