Friday, November 5, 2010

Scorpio New Moon 2010!

I just put up Scorpio new moon---phew under the wire by almost 8 hours--hurray!

you will find the whole article HERE at Margaret Wendt's website

Here is a snippet:

Scorpio New Moon

If William Shakespeare was alive today and knew astrology he would look at the chart of the Scorpio New Moon and say, “Forget Richard III--- now is the winter of our discontent.” This line made so famous by many a gifted English performer can leave us modern speakers scratching our head but what it simply means is that the “time of unhappiness is past.” And to which I add—at least for a moment or two.

All of this of year we have had one patch of tough aspects after another and we still have some cranky ones in play but the difference between everything else and now rests with the Sun and the Moon. On every new moon in 2010 the Sun and the Moon have made major aspects (many harsh) with the other planets and therefore color the 28 day cycle more acutely. When you add to this a summer chock full of tense aspects between all the outer planets (“the cardinal climax”) ---well, the pressures of the year and summer was palpable. (no,shit)

Now, having completed the Libra lunar phase (which threw around a bit more of the cardinal drama)—we have found a safe haven with this Scorpio New Moon. The other day my friend called me up and said, “How’s this New Moon looking? And I said, “It is going to be a good Scorpio New Moon.” Of which she replied, “Scorpio????” And I said, “Yeah, I know---any port in a storm.” We had a laugh because Scorpio is hardly a walk in the park. It is far from light and breezy but still even with its strong nature it is going to be a decent lunar cycle –if you are willing to transform.

The Sun and the Moon have no major aspects with any of the other planets and therefore we will find the spigot for Scorpio –ON! For the next 28 days we will find the emphasis on death and rebirth, taxes, rules and order, black and white, extremes, regenerative, life affirming but only after releasing. Scorpio is a water sign and like his elemental compatriots (Cancer & Pisces) the key is ‘flow”. Stagnant water creates nothing but problems . Look to nature and you will see larvae and murk in sluggish ponds. Interestingly, of the three water signs, Scorpio more than the other two knows in his soul that whenever he gives up control and lets go—he is rewarded. Cancer knows he SHOULD not hold on to stuff and eventually he can let it go and when he looks back he usually says, “thank god I gave up that war.” Of course, if he talks too much about it he can get himself all worked up about the old wound and injustice all over again. Ha! (As a mother of a Cancer I know this habit well) With Pisces it is a bit more about guilt. Pisces will ask “Why am I still holding on to ____, I should be better than that.” And of course they feel guilty about it. But all water signs know “flow” is key but truly Scorpio really understands the value of letting go because he is the sign of death and rebirth. When they are younger they are known to love something to death. The Kung Pau Chicken at that restaurant on the corner will be their number one meal for two years straight and then one day they will say “Nope. I’m into Fish Tacos now.” And it will be “pass the salsa” at the Mexican joint on the corner then a year or so later they will be done with that and onto something else. Scorpio is passionate about everything in their life and when they are not—watch out. Grey is an evil word to them. Black and white they can get their head around. It is so interesting that the things that are associated with Scorpio are those things that bring out the black and white in all of us---taxes, death, sex, court and legal issues---this is not a blasé group of matters. And added to this list is bank loans, investments, stocks and resources. See why I laughed that THIS is our port in the storm?


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  2. Thanks for some positive analysis, Tracy: I love your image of finding the pony under the manure!