Sunday, November 14, 2010

Looking Ahead

The Scorpio waxing moon has been very effective at least in this household. I have been able to tidy up loose ends, snip things (like my hair!) and clean up some messes that have been weighing on my poor brain for months. God, I love Scorpio for getting rid of stuff on the docket!!!! I hope you are doing similiarly.

In the meantime, tomorrow, November 15, Mars will make a sextile to Saturn. An amazingly good time to take care of business or energize something practical. Because Saturn is in Libra this could be a good day for making peace with someone or stopping the war about something somewhere. You would know better than me where your battle zones exist.
Also tomorrow, we have a fat trine between Sun and Jupiter. This is a glorious day to expand and move forward. I will be curious what that looks like for the stock market. I was so busy last week I didn't get a chance to really focus on wall street but I do know Gold went as high as it could at the beginning of the week and then pulled back by Friday. I gotta say I think things will ramp up this week given the Sun/Jupiter aspect. One side note, if you did not see SNL last night. Do yourself a favor and watch the cold opening (first sketch) of Fred Armisen as Obama and his Press Conference in China----OMG, the fact that this made the cut and aired first, tells you a lot about our financial problems.

ON Wednesday November 17, Mercury will sextile Saturn. Another great day to walk your talk. People will show up, flakes will be put on ice today. We could be a bit snappy with people but not out of meaness, more because we are cooking on all burners and don't have time for sloppiness. A great communication day.

Thursday November 18, Jupiter turns direct and Venus turns direct. If you did not get a chance to read my New Moon Article let me remind you:

On November 18 early in the morning Jupiter will turn direct at 24 degrees Pisces and Venus will turn direct at 28 degrees Libra. I don’t have an answer as to why we begin our cycle with Neptune and Chiron turning direct and then half way through the cycle during Gibbous moon we have Jupiter and Venus turn direct. The fact that all of these direct motions are taking place during Scorpio is interesting. For a sign that is certainly connected to covert activities (Scorpio) it is curious that 3 planets and one planetoid are straightening out and flying right. But of course at the same time Scorpio is associated with power or more to the point ‘empowerment’ perhaps our empowerment comes for a clear channel of Venus, Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron. With Venus, if our relationships, love, beauty and resources have been feeling ‘off’ for the last seven weeks now we will feel back on course. What have we learned about our values and beauty and love during the retrograde and how we are better be served by Venus. Because this is Libra the accent is on relationships and partnerships. How have we been feeling alone? How have we been feeling overly burdened? Or have we been aware of the amount of work we ask others to do? All that we have learned will be available to us now more readily with Venus turning direct.

And then with Jupiter retrograde back in Pisces we have found our inner humanitarian on a quest since the middle of July. Back in June we all felt the pressure of Jupiter in Aries. He got into a bit of tangle with the cardinal crosses but then he slowly moved out of the conflict and back into mystical Pisces. I personally am glad he was NOT in Aries during the campaign season. If you thought the rhetoric was bad this election I can tell you that in no uncertain terms it would have been one hundred times worst if Jupiter had been in Aries. But, now it is turning around heading out of Pisces and will be back in Aries at the beginning of 2011. Take these final days between now and the end of the year to enjoy our spirituality and mystical and humanitarian side. None of these will go away when Jupiter moves into Aries but if we right now are focused more on “we”—that will be replaced with a lot more “I”. Fingers crossed it will be more like “how can I help?” but it might not start off that way. Sigh.

additionally on the 18th we will have a square between the Sun and Neptune so there is going to be some fuzzy energy and cuckoos behaviors will be pronounced. That crazy person on the corner will be a bit more loud. And that phone call from that person that always leaves you scratching your head, "huh" will be extra head scratching today.

November 19 we have the Sun Trine Uranus which puts the emphasis on unusual, innovative, breaking up the old guard and moving to new. Power through spirituality in an unusual way. Sometimes it is good to have an earthquake now and then.

November 20, Mercury gets on top of Mars. Watch your words and what you want to go to war over. Is it worth it? Is there another way to empower yourself? Consider all your options.

November 21. Sun moves into Sagittarus. Let the merriment and time of too much food begin!

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