Sunday, November 28, 2010

The next week ahead

Well, how were those last couple of weeks? The flurry of activity coupled with pressure was almost too much but somehow we all got through. Now, we are going to be challenged. Mars will be pushing us all week. Oh, lordy, say that twice.

Tomorrow, November 29, Venus moves into Scorpio where it will be for the rest of year, this will put the emphasis on power, resources, undercover moves, plumbing, cleaning out debris, cutting out the dead and rebirth---all couched through love.

Also on Monday Mars Squares Jupiter, which is pretty yucky or powerful depending on your perspective. The fighter and the Big mouth go to war. This takes place at 23 degrees (Mars) Sagittarius and (Jupiter) Pisces ---which means the emphasis is on righteous, victims, mystical, education, spiritual, international, humanitarian and zealotry. If you feel like you are being pushed into a tribe, put your phone machine on and answer no one's prying questions. But if you feel you are deft at harnessing power, which is truly what is going on...then go for it!

On Tuesday November 30 Mercury moves into Capricorn which is great for practical thinking and ideas that can have tangible results. "Sport" thoughts meaning thinking about airy fairy things just because it is 'fun' will be shelved for the next month or so. * note mercury went into its shadow on November 22 --retro Mercury is coming up in December.

On December 1 we have a very nice perk between Mercury and Venus which will help straighten out any miscommunications from earlier in the week. Missives of kindness can help out. Perhaps a good day for just a nice laugh with a friend.

December 2 brings us a nice aspect between Mars and Neptune. For a guy who was ready to do battle at the beginning of the week with his fight with Jupiter he is now softer and ready to play nice with Neptune the planet of our higher conscious. Maybe we need to learn how to play nice with our neighbors and friends.

Whoops, I spoke to soon, because on December 3 Mars is now ready to do war with Uranus the harbinger of change. Once again, the emphasis is on those who see everything as right and wrong versus those who see things as being in the grey and what is the best course for important changes. We will all be scratching our heads on Friday. If you can stay low and avoid the radar---go for it. If you can't---I dunno, give as many vague answes as possible until the energy passes. Or throw yourself in the mix but remember, "It's Chinatown, Jake" so be careful who you 'help'.

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