Friday, July 2, 2010

Dates to watch

The summer of the cardinal cross/crisis/climax is a head spinner and there are so many dates that it can get messy in my mind and I can imagine is a bunch of globbidygluck in your world. But just so we can keep it all straight, these are dates that either are part of the cardinal crosses or building towards it. Meaning, Saturn transit into Libra is not by itself a 'bad' thing but because once it moves into Libra it will begin contact with the other planets in cardinal signs so we need to put it in to our dates to watch.

July 11, New moon Solar eclipse is strong but not as potent as the lunar eclipse. thank god.
July 21 Saturn moves into Libra.
July 23 Jupiter Retro's...
July 25 Jupiter square Pluto.
July 26 Saturn Oppose Uranus,
July 29 Mars enters Libra,
July 30 Mars Oppose Uranus (ouch)
July 31 Mars conjunct Saturn
Aug 3 Jupiter square Pluto (again)
Aug 4 Mars oppose Jupiter
Aug 4 Mars Square Pluto
Aug 7 Venus Oppose Uranus
Aug8 Venus conjunct Saturn
Aug9 New Moon & Venus Square Jupter
Aug 10 Venus Square Pluto
Aug 16 Jupiter Oppse Saturn
Aug 21 Saturn Square Pluto
and under all of the above there is a general applying (mostly) square between Uranus and Pluto. We'll be experiencing this exact in 2011 but still part of the above tension

we will discuss these dates as they come up but consider the fuse lit. The cardinal climax is in the house.

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