Thursday, July 1, 2010

From PTA with Love

So, here is an interesting result out of this weekends' eclipse---- 11 spies were shaken not stirred out of the mass population. This story which is straight out of the cold war has left me (and several friends) scratching our heads.

Apparently, 11 deep undercover spies (for Russia) posing as wives and husbands and regular Joe's broke the news on Monday June 28. These 'married' couples were apparently working their best to Americanize themselves in their neighborhoods and the communities. The goal apparently was to work their way into public policy (I guess?). They worked hard to be a part of the community. They sold real estate, had bbq's were even members of PTA. Hello, is this nuts or what? As one who has done plenty for my PTA, I consider these folks ---crazy. And especially when I ask, "For what reason?" ---anything Russia wants to know they can find on Google for godsake.

What is even amazing is that these "couples" had children. Wow, talk about taking one for the team. They 'married' these people for the good of their job and then to keep the image more authentic they had children. Today, "Juan Lozaro" said that even though he loved his son he would not violate his loyalty for the service even for his son.

Wow. The fact this came up on the eclipse chart is remarkable. Pluto rules spies. Oppose Sun in Cancer which rules family, squaring Saturn rules duty, also square Jupiter (International) and Uranus (Renegade) in Aries (soldier)--there it is, all for us to follow like a paint by numbers set. Of course, the fact that is t square puts the accent on the Rub----and all I keep thinking, "My god, could they even be more misguided?" If you must be a spy, spy for Microsoft and see what you can learn about Apple.

Can't wait to see what else comes up in this summer of the misguided.


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