Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cancer New Moon 2010 & Eclipse

On July 11 at 3:40pm will be the Cancer New Moon and solar eclipse.

I barely got it up in time. If I tried to explain my schedule including a broken toe you would know why it is phenonmenal that I even got it up in time!

As always you will find the entire article at Margaret Wendt's website which is

Here's a snippet:

Cancer Solar Eclipse

Every year we get two solar eclipses and this year our second one is on Cancer New Moon. At first blush I guess we could blow it off as random coincidence that this eclipse is coming now in the middle of the cardinal crosses/climax/crisis but I have a hard time characterizing anything random or a coincidence and certainly not something important like an eclipse. What also makes this one extraordinary is that this Solar Eclipse is NOT touching the degrees of the cardinal squares. You of course being sensible humans are now asking, “And what the heck does that mean?” Excellent question and the answer is simple.

The cardinal cross is a bunch of squares taking place between the outer planets (and a few inner planets). This is between Zero and four degrees of Aries, Libra and Capricorn. Great. Zero, one, two, three and four degrees of those signs. Easy enough to understand. Of course there is one more cardinal sign and that is the sign Cancer---and what is this new moon? Cancer. -----Uh-oh.

But here is the good news, the New Moon (and eclipse) is at 20 degrees which is plenty far away from 0 to 4 degrees. This means that the Sun and Moon are free and clear of aspects with the warring planets! I say, “Hurray! We’ve been spared”---at least a little bit. And in fact perhaps some of the answers we need to deal with the cardinal cross will be found in the Cancer energy.

Feel you, feel me

Cancer is home, family, roots and things we hold close to our heart. It is our moody side, it is our emotional side and our tender side. It is our feelings. Cancer is the crab. Have you ever watched a crab or been near one? They are interesting. They have tough shells and their ‘arms’ are long and thin—perfect for an embrace? Perhaps. But at the end of their skinny arms you will find sharp claws. Those claws can pick apart anything close to them. In Cancer’s world, the best defense is a good offense. Pick, pick, pick….they can’t control themselves. But also instead of claws imagine boxing gloves at the end of their arms. They are ready to defend their emotions like a boxer ----and they will go down fighting. What are they fighting for? “Their home, their family and their feelings.” And not in that particular order—they are equally important. Of course, one thing to remember is that they do not hit anything head on. Like the crab they run sideways into everything. And even though their feelings are true and pure ---it is at that moment. A few hours later, or maybe a few days later those impassioned feelings whether peaks and valleys will be less high and less low. Like the tide they go up and they go down. Google an image for “Bay of Fundy” and you’ll have a good idea what Cancer Energy looks like.

Of course, in our rapidly changing 21st Century world, there is a premium put on people ‘containing’ their feelings. Even if we feel like running over the boss with our car, we can’t do it. Of course, it is not just a contemporary issue, I’m sure there were ancient Sumerians who wanted to run over their boss with a oxen cart---but the point is that in a functional society we can’t just let our emotions spill out all over the place. If we did, we would surely lose our jobs, our homes and perhaps even our families--- and like our car or oxen cart, we need to put the brakes on our feelings.

Please go to link for the rest of the article including the emphasis on the cardinal crosses.

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