Sunday, July 18, 2010

Looking ahead

On July 21 at 11:10 am Saturn finally leaves Virgo and enters Libra. We have had 2.5 years to clear up our clutter, deal with our schedules, diet, health and how to serve others and be served. And now on the 21st we will turn our attention to our relationships and marriage, our way of 'relating', the way we share, find balance and we'll ask what is "fair"? Libra is a funny sign because it is the sign of partnership which asks for committment but at the same time Libra can be the most noncommital sign of all! Fear of commitment haunts Libra or more acurately ---the fear of making a 'wrong' choice can unerve them. With Saturn we will see flaws and cracks in all these issues.

Of course we have plenty of time to get comfortable (if that is the word) with Saturn's new journey. But as I discussed in the Cancer New Moon, as soon as Saturn goes into Libra it is heading for a fight with Uranus (July 26)

On July 22 The Sun moves into Leo so we'll all feel a bit more fiery and within a few hours it will sextile Saturn, so right out of the gate we get a nice perk to saturn, a great day to work on any relationship issue. Then on Friday July 23 Jupiter Retrogrades in Aries. Some of our big ideas that we had since Spring may need to be rethought. We have all fall to figure out the new goals for our lives, new bridges we can make and new opporutunities for spiritual growth (when it goes into Pisces). Again, check the new moon article for more info.

And on July 23 the Sun will trine Uranus. A wonderful day for being inspired and to find creative solutions or to be inspired about what you want to see in your future.

On Sunday July 25 is full moon in Aquarius. More to come on that.

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