Friday, July 2, 2010

Uranus---The big move...can I say that?

Uranus turns retrograde

“Ah, Uranus you just got to the party and you’re leaving so soon? “ After moving out of Pisces on May 28, Uranus began its seven year long slog through Aries and made it all the way to ------0 Aries. Yeah, it didn’t get that far but that does not mean it has not had an impact. Look around you; are you feeling the instability in the air? Are you feeling the pressure to do something to break free? Is there an impulse in you to be a maverick in some area of your life but again, you are not sure how to do it? Yep. That would be Zero Aries energy. We know we need changes and we need to break free but we don’t know how to do it ---yet.

On Monday, July 5 at 12:50pm (EDT) Uranus will turn retrograde. As we know, Uranus always spends half the year in retrograde motion so this is not an extraordinary event. But what is making this a wee bit interesting is that Uranus will continue to stay in Aries (even while it is backward) until August 15 then it moves back into Pisces. Where from August until December Uranus will continue its transit through Pisces until it turns direct again and eventually returns to Aries in March 2011. Once there, it will be done with Pisces for at least 70 years. In truth, the energies of these two signs could not be more different. Where Aries is forceful, fiery, a warrior, ready to tackle the world—Pisces is reflective, shyer, spiritual/religious and wonders, “where’s god? And is he listening to me?” Feel the difference?

Globally, we should expect some more changes in the world. Looking back to 1927 when Uranus made its first retrograde in Aries we can see that it was a remarkable period: During that time the following occurred:

Demonstrations and then execution of Sacco & Vanzetti
Left Wing Protests in Vienna & unrest
Mao’s Harvest Uprising in Hunan China
Rebellion in Vera Cruz crushed by Mexican government
Trotsky kicked out of Russia- Stalin now in charge

CBS is formed and opens up 47 radio stations
Jazz Singer released the first motion picture with sound
Construction on Mt. Rushmore
Holland Tunnel connects NJ to NYC
Henry Ford reveals the Model A

Earthquake in Palestine, Japan kill thousands
Floods devastate Vermont
Destructive Hurricane hits Canada
Devasting tornadoes in St. Louis
Explosions in Ohio, minds in Colorado and Penn

All of the above “very Uranus”. The accent on new during that period is probably more pronounced than our next six months since most of that retrograde was in Aries. In our case, only about six weeks will Uranus be in Aries the rest of the period it will be in Pisces. This puts the emphasis more on the greater, unworldly part of nature. It may feel more about karma and dharma, we may feel things tying up, things might feel out of our hands. But at the same time we may find unique ways to connect to spirit. Perhaps the old ways of finding God or connecting to that thing that is bigger than us will no longer work. But under this final wave of Uranus in Pisces we can create a new path to spirituality that works for us.

Also, it is worth noting that a few months before the first retrograde by Uranus in Aries Charles Lindbergh made his celebrated non stop flight to Paris. There was also a huge earthquake in China killing 200,000. Contemporary astrologers know from looking back that we can expect great innovations and breakthroughs in technology during the next seven years. Science helps us where it takes us and we’ll witness scientific history in the making. It will be as remarkable as Lindbergh landing in Paris. And if that seems ho-hum to you remember this, that in July 1969 Charles Lindbergh called Neil Armstrong and said “good luck” as Neil prepared to fly to the moon. Who will be our bridges to the new world? We may get hints of it during the next six months. Or perhaps the unrest will showcase where we NEED innovation. God, knows we need something down there in the gulf of Mexico. Sigh.

Personally, remember you all have Zero Aries somewhere in your chart and next to it you have late degrees Pisces. Expect some changes to be showcased in that area of your life and know that when Uranus turns direct in December and then finally moves into Aries for good in March, you’ll be ready for real innovation.

And of course it goes without saying that Uranus continues to be a part of the grand cross energy of the summer so we are all getting the zaps. We can’t hide from the information. What we do with it is between us and our maker!

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