Saturday, December 2, 2017

Gemini Full Moon December 3 --Super Moon & We're already feeling it. You know it.

Gemini New Moon
Super Moon
December 3, 2017
10:46 am EST

To get the most of this Gemini Full Moon we need to put it in the larger context.  

Scorpio New Moon launched two weeks ago on November 18.  Since that launch we are processing how we plug into sex, finances, stagnancy, evolution among other things (GO HERE for more detail) and we consider how our plumbing works on all these matters.   Meaning, are we bringing in toxic influences in our finances?   How can we unplug and  flush out the toxicity and bring in fresh approaches to our finances?  Or how is our plumbing attached to toxic influences that impact our evolution or lack of it?   How do we plug into a fresh approach?   Remember with Scorpio the answer is to let things die so that something new can be reborn.    Are we letting our bad plumbing die?  

Gemini full moon following Scorpio New Moon will speak to our brain, mental awareness and communication.  What is our thinking about our plumbing?  Where did it come from?  In short what is our belief system? 

So much of what we do is habit.   Maybe it is a habit that was born when we were kids or maybe as young adults and we have been doing it for so long that we don’t even know any other way of doing things.    On the Gemini full moon we get the gift of adaptable thinking.  What if we do something in a different manner?   What freshness will emerge by being open to a new approach?     Now that is the basic tenor of the Gemini full moon.  However this is not just your garden variety full moon.  It is all that and more. 

First of all it is a super moon and it is super close to earth.   It will be very big in the sky and the closest one of the year.

The full moon also comes into play about 12 hours after Mercury retrograde.     This Mercury retrograde is all about stopping everything and looking at ----drum roll-----belief systems.    (Go here for more info).   

 Do you see a theme?  And remember Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini so this Full Moon is taking orders from Mercury retrograde in Sag which looks a lot like a wild horse going backwards to find the truth he left along his journey.   What truth about you have you neglected?  What truth about your beliefs have you forgotten?   Again, do those beliefs still work for you?  Tell the truth.    At the same time Saturn is working with Mercury to be focused on meaningful beliefs and fixing our thinking that is important and not caring about super small stuff.   Have you already noticed that you are not caring about things like you used to since the last couple weeks of November?  Has an energy shifted?   In a side note, siblings and neighbors could also play a part in your belief systems that need to be processed and perhaps released.  

The Full Moon also comes in after Saturn got on top of the Galactic Center (GC) November 25 and Mercury was on the GC on November 28.  On December 17 The Sag New Moon will be exact on the galactic center.      This full moon in Gemini can be a welcomed bridge between letting go of beliefs that no longer serve us to being out there in the world with inspired goals and new truth on the Sag New Moon.

There is one janky part of the full moon chart and that is the big ass square with Neptune.  Something fishy is going on.  We may see it in the news.  We may feel it in our life.     Take your time and breathe your way as you process the energy.   Can anyone really lie to us or do we already know the truth?      There is also a square with Chiron in Pisces that is quite painful.  What are we thinking about when we are confronted with very sad news?   Do we collapse into “What’s the use?”    Is that serving us for our evolution?   And how are we kidding ourselves?  Do we know we are going along with liars because it is just easier?  And how are we lying?  How often is it happening?   How is it serving our belief system?   How is that clogging up the system?   

And do we on god’s green earth know how to follow our intuition?   Better question do we know how to plug into our intuition?   The bad side of Gemini is getting lost in facts and missing the big picture.   Emotions are not comfortable for Gemini who will talk himself out of every emotion if left to his own devices.   Luckily on December 2nd Jupiter will be trining Neptune, which puts the emphasis on emotions and comfort and humanitarian causes and understanding the power of deep feelings.   Take that Gemini!    You can't talk your way out of the deep powerful truth you know that is in you!   Release the need to get lost in all the facts and just play with the notion that something needs to be healed and belief systems that are broken need to be released.   Then start to be light on your feet and pivot.  Adaptability is the gift of Gemini full moon in this quite extraordinary period. 

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