Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rest of the Week

Okay, so as posted below, we know we are juggling balls with the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction from now and for awhile. And for the rest of this week there is a lot of emphasis on Mercury.

Mercury is the planet of communication and zipping around quickly from here to there, it is the planet associated with our brain and it moves into its home sign Gemini on Thursday June 10th (1:41am EDT) , so expect things to rev up even more. Lots of texts, emails, phone calls. Your antenna goes up to receive the information and your own radio will broadcast. There are people who have stuff to tell and you have stuff to receive and tell yourself! Mercury will make a favorable aspect to Uranus and Jupiter on Thursday so it will be odd stuff for sure and perhaps ground breaking and certainly innovative. Then on Friday the 11th (9:27am EDT) it makes a harsh aspect with Mars. That is a tough one and tongues and temperments will be short. Wear your flame proof suit on that morning. Then on Saturday we will have the New Moon in Gemini for a fresh beginning. Great, we'll need it.

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