Monday, October 3, 2022

Astrology This Week Oct 2 - Oct 8



First Quarter Moon 

October 2, 2022

5:14pm PDT  




Focus on:  What actions are you taking that access your executive abilities?   How are you relying on your inner CEO?   How are you acting on or accessing leadership?   How are you looking at or accessing large systems or bureaucracy?  How does all of this impact your relationships? 



Special Note

No outer planet aspects  



Gibbous Moon

October 6,  2022 

2:36am  PDT   




Focus on:  How are you refining your friendships?  How are you are refining your community?   How are your refining your relationship with those you share common goals and interests?   How are you refining your place within groups?  How does all of this impact your relationships?  


Special focus

10/6: Mercury trine Pluto.   Another round (9/27) where we revise and have evolution with our thinking and communication.   

10/8: Pluto station direct 2:56pm PDT (see separate post) 

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