Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The week ahead

On Thursday 2/17 the Sun will conjunct Neptune. It is a dreamy, mystical day. We could feel big connects to spirit. Very in tuned. Also a day where there might be some big fat lies but we sort of don't care because our gut will be telling us "that is a lie" so therefore we know the truth.

On Friday 2/18 we have a big Leo full moon. (see other post)
also the Sun moves into Pisces. We will feel a pull to get quiet and reflective. Pisces is gentle and seeks to do only one thing---go with the flow. The next four weeks will have us finding our flow. Additionally on Friday we have a cranky aspect between Venus and Saturn. Our finances could get slapped. Our love feels shat upon or we just feel lonely. Get lost in a movie or turn on some music or perhaps maybe a little prayer will help.

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