Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How about that Jupiter and Pluto?

As you know a couple days ago I wrote about the upcoming Jupiter Pluto square and in passing I said:

Wherever Jupiter goes it expands. Pluto is deep and looks for a real solid connection. Pluto is our foundations and Jupiter wants to move us. Both energies are strong but clearly can cause conflicts. Ask those people who live near a fault zone how movement and foundations go together and they will say, 7.1 on the Richter is a bitch.

And no surprise--New Zealand had a strong earthquake yesterday. I did go back and look at the original quake in the fall September 4, 2010 because experts indicate this was an aftershock. The original quake was of course was just after the 2nd square between Pluto and Jupiter. So, here we are again on the 3rd round.

Along with this sad news we heard that the pirates killed the four Americans captured last week. These pirate troubles have been exasperated during these last couple of years of Uranus's harsh aspects in in Pisces. It is my hope that Uranus's move into Aries next month will change some of these stories. Knowing Aries as I do expect a lot more military action off the Barbary Coast.

And on the Libya front. Yesterday there was more violence and hostile rhetoric from mad dog Gadhafi. I predict out by the Jupiter Square Pluto on Friday.
Don't let the door hit your ass, Moammar

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