Saturday, February 26, 2011

Charlie Sheen

I am positive if you search the web you will find a jillion astrologers weighing in on Charlie Sheen. I guess I might as well add my own notes since I have time with the cancellation of an event today due to weather(could be the first time I have heard snow reports for the Hollywood Hills!)

Charlie is a Virgo with Moon in Sagittarius and Gemini Ascendant. All three are mutable signs and a way to remember mutable is that it they are moveable. The mutable signs are constantly moving, they don't settle down easily. It takes awhile to tame their energies, if they can even be tamed.

With Gemini, the brain is constantly ticking off thoughts, a mile a minute. The brain can't settle and the thoughts and ideas come so fast and quick that sorting through them is difficult or as my friend describes, "it's like I have monkey brain". Virgo is also mental but on a more practical level, they like to be 'doing'. Do, do, doing and Virgo can easily become obsessive compulsive. Know any? Then you know what I am talking about. And of course, Sagittarius is THE traveling sign. It is constantly on the move. With Sagittarius, when they are pushed and are not up for the work--they run. Add all these energies and you get one giant feral cat.

I have seen people with two of the three mutables pronounced in their chart and they are pretty wound up. When you activate three of the four mutable it is a force to be reckon. Of course the signs themselves are not troubled it is the aspects that push the tension. And with Charlie, his Sun in Virgo has Pluto on top of it. Although, he was a few years older than Sheen, Michael Jackson also had Pluto on his Sun in Virgo. Jackson's OCD and weird habits totally speak to the intensity of Pluto on Virgo Sun. And like Sheen they both have an intense need and drive for work. A functioning alcoholic is how people like Sheen are described as he was evidently able to show up at his job no matter how hard a bender he went on the week prior. This speaks to Pluto.

However, twisting everything up even further is Uranus in Virgo on top of Charlie's Sun and Pluto. And both of these are oppose his Saturn in Pisces. Ding, ding, ding--that bell you hear ringing is the fact that Pisces is the fourth mutable sign and Charlie has got Saturn in it oppose Uranus. Let's take a moment and talk about this aspect. We have spoken a great deal about Saturn oppose Uranus since we just wrapped up our own pass it.

Between 2008-2010, Uranus was in Pisces and Saturn was in Virgo. But when we talk about what has been going on lately we have had to discuss the last time these two were in opposition which was in the mid 60's. Civil unrest, disorder, rumblings, breaking away from the staid, that was the environment that Charlie and all his peers were born into in the mid 1960s. And that unrest is inside Sheen and everyone born in that two year window. If you need more of a visual consider inside Sheen is a Tea Party movement. Of course, not everyone born in the 1960's is prone to hookers, porn stars and a mountain of cocaine. But then not everyone has that kind of astro tension that Charlie has in his chart. Of course, even people who were born on the exact same day as Charlie could still use the energy in a completely different manner than Charlie. A lot of them are in the press, are active bloggers, helped further technology and certainly a lot of them are in health and medicine.

An additional personal discomfort to Charlie's chart is Saturn in Pisces opposing his Sun in Virgo. Saturn is structure and insecurity. It is weakness but out of the weakness can come strength. And of course, Saturn is Dad. At the same time his Moon, the planet of Mom trines Mercury which brings good luck and fortunate opportunities especially around communication. But also the Moon is opposed Jupiter which exaggerates emotions and situations. And as cliche as "too much too soon" is, it fits perfectly his Moon in Sag Oppose Jupiter in Gemini. The drive for more can be insatiable. And his Venus trine Jupiter which brings great opportunity around money and believe it or not love. God knows he has no problem earning millions easily and getting women to marry him. But again, the feral cat when given too much room gets lost.

Also Sheen's Mars in Scorpio trine Venus square Neptune makes him a perfect companion to Porn Stars. And his Moon in indulgent Sag in his 8th house, means MORE porn stars is better.

Of course, all of these aspects with Pluto and the 8th house energies are begging for something more. They are begging for depth and transformation. Unfortunately, the Gemini, Virgo and Pisces are standing their ground. Charlie continues to ping pong back and forth in the land of shallow.

On many ways it seems like it would have beenn better if Charlie he had not gone into his father (Saturn)'s line of work. If he had worked through his insecurities and found his way in his own different (Uranus) world. Or even if he did go into the entertainment business it would have been so much better for him if it had been behind the scenes. Perhaps writing or producing. I would also guess (strongly) that there is an undiagnosed ADDHD in the mix.

What is going to happen to him astrologically? Well, Uranus is wrapping up torturing his moon so I believe he will start to feel some relief next week when Uranus moves into Aries further distancing from the square to his Moon in Sag. Although it is going to take another year or so to get away from the square with Jupiter. Pluto in Capricorn will not be trining his sun for several more years but if he is not out of trouble by then, I hope Pluto will help get him there by that time. But, before we get there Neptune will be moving into Pisces dissolving a lot. It might actually get worse before it gets better but under that Neptune energy is a deep need for spiritual connection. I hope he is able to find it.

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