Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Week Ahead --Are you feeling the tension?

Happy Passover, Happy Easter, Happy Full Moon and Happy Mars Square Pluto ???

There is a lot going on this week.

We begin the week with Gibbous Lunar phase.   On Friday, March 22 Mars and Uranus made a conjunction inspiring many combustible situations.  The blustery argumentative elements of Mars is continuing as it progresses through Aries culminating this week on March 26 with a rough square to Pluto.   Mars in Aries in battle with Pluto in Cap is rough enough to make us all crave the sensible nature of Vikings or Huns.   

These are tough tensions in one week and just when we think we can take it no more---we will receive a nice fat volcano of energy in the form of a Libra Full Moon engaged in battle with Uranus/Pluto/Mars and Venus.     
Pluto is always telling us “adapt or die.”   Mars speaks of survival of the fittest.   Aries is fearless in its goal to break free of any restrictions.  Uranus is brilliant but has no interest in being cautious.   And Libra when it is being good can negotiate and find balance in any circumstance.  But when Libra is bad he will seek ‘Peace At Any Cost’ pathetically defending the indefensible where once again the bullies win.    

Does it mean all of us will be doing battle with someone?   Maybe.  Maybe not.   Those of us with planets between 6 and 12 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will certainly have a powerful week.    And others may just feel the arguing planets internally.   Trouble could brew inside us as we observe others or situations and realize, “No more”.    

At the end of the week Venus and Uranus are in a tangle and given all the other tensions I can only imagine what is happening to stock markets around the world this week.    Something really odd is going on.  It began last week with the situation  Cyprus but I would guess more is going to come that we might not be able to predict.

Easter weekend has its own tension, which I’ll post later in the week.

Gibbous Moon focuses on:  
What are you figuring out that speaks to your courage?  How are you picking out the details in your dreams and visions?  How are you brave about your dreams and vision?  How is your heart feeling alive when you process what it looks like to realize your dreams.

On 3/26 Mars & Jupiter are in harmony bringing out actions that bridge worlds together.   Things that seem ‘foreign’ are appealing and helpful.  Perhaps you are foreign one helping?  

And of course on 3/26 Mars makes a square with Pluto.  Yuck.  Rough, a huge bully aspect.  Why the anger?  Because some want change now and others want it bit by bit.   Something is wrong and fixing it seems hard.  This is an explosive energy.  Can you stay low and avoid the radar?   Or are you going to get into a steel cage match?

Full Moon Phase
March 27 5:27am EDT
6 Libra 52
Post to Come.

Special focus:
3/28:  Mercury/Saturn:  Good thinking and planning.  Organizing thoughts in a constructive way that has long range results.
3/28: Sun/Venus: Soft and fuzzy, gentle, humanitarian caring
3/28: Venus/Uranus:  Stretching money and resources that support breaking out
3/29: Mercury/Jupiter: Everyone has a big mouth.   Big opinions probably not helpful.
3/29: Mercury/Pluto: Great researching, poking under rocks getting to the bottom of stuff

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