Friday, October 27, 2023

Taurus Partial Lunar Eclipse October 28, 1:24pm PDT


Taurus Full Moon & Partial Lunar Eclipse 

October 28, 2023 

1:24pm PDT 

5 Taurus 09 



Facts:  This is the final eclipse of 2023.  This is the final eclipse of the Scorpio – Taurus two-year cycle.   This is a partial lunar eclipse.    We won't be here again until 2040.  


The Sun in Scorpio is in conjunction with Mercury and Mars.  The Moon in Taurus is in conjunction with Jupiter.   This is quite a teeter totter of opposition.   At the same time, the Sun is trine to Saturn.  Eclipses do not happen in a vacuum and this lunar eclipse is connected to the solar eclipse from October 14 which has been creating an environment of tension for the last two weeks.    


While we are aware of the battles in the world, wars are not just between countries with armies.  There is also internal warring, either the battles we do with friends, family, and community or even the battles in our heads.   This warring tension has been the environment for the last two weeks and is baked into the full moon chart.  But there are release valves in the full moon as well.  


The moon in Taurus speaks to building something from the ground up.   Of course, building anything takes a lot of work and with Taurus the motivation to do that hard work comes from tapping values.   What we value gets our attention any time the moon is in Taurus  which is more pronounced on full moons and even more juiced with eclipses.  So, for the last eighteen months we have had eclipses on the Taurus Scorpio axis getting the whole world to tap values.   Now we are at the last eclipse of those two signs.   Eclipses signal a time of endings and new beginnings and in this case, endings are significant given the opportunity provided by Scorpio who understands things must die for new to begin. 


The Sun in Scorpio conjunct Mercury and Mars oppose Moon suggests that if our values are relying on any outdated thinking and rote actions this is the eclipse to let it go.     Mercury in Scorpio is exact and sharp.   Mars cuts anything down with a razor-sharp knife.   This is a full moon where we cut out that which is no longer in our values.   We create more space to double down in a value that has been perhaps ignored.    


Jupiter in conjunction with the moon can be too big.   Moon in Taurus conjunct Jupiter can feel good, but it can also be too much.   Too much food.  Spending too much money.   Going to extreme.   Taurus can be very stubborn and resistant to change.  Jupiter brings a righteousness.   Jupiter can have too many opinions.  A word of caution on this full moon, we should ask if our stubbornness is serving us or if we are going too big and too loud on something?    Perhaps it is time to lose a battle and win the war that matches a level of authentic need that has been missed for all our bluster.  


This full moon is a three-day cycle of intense feelings a deepening of what we value and what is worth our energy.   If there is any part of our life where we keep going down emotional dead ends, Mars can help us cut the pattern.   And this is the full moon to really move on any place where we are sick and tired of being sick and tired.   


Sun Trine Saturn in Pisces can find hope in gentleness, faith, humanitarian pursuits.  The inner landscape of tender and where we have connections with people on another level are supported by Saturn.  For sure ‘less is more’ with this aspect but for people who have been missing a spiritual connection they may find it during this three-day full moon.   Coincidences, random moments of synchronicity are soothing. Intuition speaks to us and guides us with some authority.  


Venus the ruling planet of Taurus is in trine to Jupiter, expanding our ability to love.   This full moon may only be a three-day influence but remember it is an echo to the new moon from two weeks ago which spoke to Libra’s need for balance and learning to negotiate for oneself and strengthen partnerships.  


Venus also is in quincunx to Chiron.   Venus like Taurus speaks to values.  Things we love or find beauty in are valuable to us.   Chiron in Aries is amplifying the wounds of being independent or breaking out in our own path.   On some level our daily actions feel disconnected from paths we know we need to take that can only be done by self.    Daily self-love needs our attention.   


Next year we will be deep into the Aries – Libra eclipse pattern.    This Taurus lunar eclipse is the last gong on the bell for Taurus Lunar eclipse until 2040.   Make the most of this full moon to deepen your real values.  Ask yourself what is important?   If it is not then using the power of Scorpio Sun, Mars, Mercury will help lighten the load and make for a more streamlined landscape where are our hearts can expand.  That’s a perk from Jupiter we’ll take!  

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