Thursday, November 26, 2009


Today, Thursday November 26 at 9:53a (EST) Mercury Trines Mars
Of course, in the United States we all celebrate Thanksgiving today and with a Mercury Trine Mars we will have the focus to get a lot done this morning. I know I felt the energy when I woke up at 5am ready to hit the market. Of course 5 am is too early for my local Whole Foods but I did take the energy to write some emails and take on a couple of work tasks. I love Mercury/Mars trines, it is a great day where my brain and my actions are in synch.
And for what it is worth, although this aspect is exact today, we started feeling it a couple days ago. I know for me, I threw an event yesterday that was a ton of work and involved a lot of logistics and a lot of volunteers and it came off without a hitch. I actually thought to myself..'How did that happen?" and I am CONFIDENT it was the Mercury Trine Mars.
I hope you can use the focus to take care of anything you need to do. I'm sure some of you are focused on preparing a meal...but if you are not cooking today, seriously take this energy and tackle something that needs your attention. Your brain and your muscles are totally in synch!
later in the day Venus Squares Neptune 7:15pm (EST) and of course we have been building towards this one all week. I will say that this has been also evident in my own life. I don't want to go into details but there is an old saying, "The unstable mind dominates". What that means is you can take a room full of monks, mediating and chanting totally at peace and if you send in crazy foul mouth swearing (often smelly) person--no one will be aware of the peaceful monks, they will only see the crazed person swearing. Well, ask yourself, during this week did those Unstable Minds get a wee bit louder and a bit more of your attention than usual? Blame this aspect. It all has to do with personal love (venus) and humanitarian love (neptune) being at odds. Where do I feel unloved? Why do I feel alone? and a wee bit of , "Is that all there is to life?' vibes. And always, "what's going on with my money?" --which is so Venus.
Of course the fact that this is happening today on Thanksgiving makes me want to give warning...if someone gets drunk at Thanksgiving, make sure they have a safe ride home. Make sure that you don't personalize anything said today. The crazy wire that is in all of us might have a bit more juice in it today.
Try to be reasonable.
And remember, one scoop of stuffing is probably enough.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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