Sunday, November 22, 2009

Venus Square Jupiter

Venus in Scorpio Squares Jupiter in Aquarius ---Monday November 23 5:39am EST

Scorpio is a water sign and Aquarius is air sign, when they are in square to one another we can expect the wind to whip up the water. And when one of the planets is gigantic Jupiter --well expect a hurricane. I'm not talking literally, global warming withstanding, we are still out of Hurricane Season. But what about the emotions inside and outside. Horn honks a plenty, bosses with short fuses, lovers make one faux pas after another. Even friends will bug. And god help you, if you have to do anything for or with a group today. They will be way out of whack and all the good intentions in the world won't be worth the hassle of dealing with THOSE personalities.
I expect some shitty stories in the news. And this is a very wonky day for our portfolios and paychecks. We just even glance at anything and it will cost us a lot of money.

But if you must be out in the world today---Keep your Ipod on all day and talk to no one. That is a way to escape the CrazyTown energy.

Edited to ADD:
Well, today both the stock market and Gold were up today. The Dow quite a bit (over 100) and Gold up 18 dollars. This is NOT good for the US Dollar (Venus). When both commodoties and stocks are up...people are looking for a place to invest for fear the value of the dollar is falling.
Perfectly VenusSquareJupiter...

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