Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sagittarius New Moon---December 16

On Wedesday December 16 at 7:02 am EST --- will be the New Moon in Sag.

I gotta say I have a love hate relationship with the Sag New moon. First of all, even before I started writing New Moons and used to read them and learn about them with my old teacher Buz Myers, I used to get overwhelmed by Sag. It is such a busy time of the year and to focus on all that Buz had to say was often just too much for me. Which I have to say as a Sag made me a bit sad. There is so much value in Sagittarius energy but it can get overshadowed by the events of the day. People are running around, buying gifts, going to parties, making cards, visiting relatives.. it is just hard to squeeze in the value of Sag.

Having said that, I have written a lot about this moon. I am going to ask you to really take the time to read it all. It is just that important. A lot is going down and if you can only hear people when they shout at you then you will miss the value of whispered information. There are some whispers in this lunar cycle that I don't want you to miss.

As always you can find the whole article on Margaret Wendt's sight.

Here's a snippet:

The Big Picture

Sagittarius is the philosophical sign of the
zodiac. But left to roam without a bridle those philosophical passions and
desires can evolve into the most righteous sign of the zodiac. Religious
nut jobs can have pronounced Sagittarius planets (or crazy 9th house).
There need to be right is so strong that they must lay down the law on
everyone. (Anyone seen Bin Laden’s chart? Six words: “Saturn
in Sag in the 9th!”) But even when Sag is bad and righteous,
“My way or the highway” or good, “Let’s take a look at it from another
perspective”—Sag is THE “Big Picture” sign. This is the reason why Sag and
Virgo can have problems. Virgo sees the small and close up stuff
---The details. And they ask hard questions like, “How can that happen?”
or “How can that be accomplished?” While Sag is over there saying,
“I don’t know the ins, ands or buts ..I just know we need to look at the big
picture and figure out what we want. “ And if a Sag does not have
his or her arrow up in the sky zoning in for a target, he is then shooting off
his mouth to a fellow human. And that hurts! Not just the person who
is the subject of the comments but to the person saying it because they start to
become disillusioned about their fellow humans. Sigh.

Now on
this New Sag New Moon, The Sun and the Moon are in beautiful angles
(relationship) with Venus, the planet of love and resources, Neptune the planet
of spirituality and Great Mystery, Mars the planet of action, Jupiter the planet
of luck, abundance, expansion and Chiron ruler of Healing Old Wounds.

Look at that paragraph again. If you count, you will see
that the Sun/Moon are making music with four planets and Chiron. That is a lot
of good news. But that doesn’t mean you get to sit back, push the ON
button on your Margarita Blender, sit back drink to your heart’s content and
wait for the goodies to fall. It doesn’t work that way. Especially
with Sag who becomes totally useless and a detriment to society if he does not
have boundaries.

Remember, I said if “Sag is left to roam without
a bridle”. Quick history lesson----Next to harnessing Fire, one of the
other key evolutionary benchmarks for MAN was when MAN got on the back of the
horse. When Horses were harnessed people were able to move to
distant lands (Sag theme) and they were able to move timber, rocks, etc..Horse
driven power is still important in most of the world and even our cars are
defined by how much Horse Power they generate. Sag benefits by a
harness. Okay, so, where is the harness and bridle for this Sag New
Moon? The answer is URANUS.


  1. Hi Tracy. Question. What happens if the 24 D Sag is right on top of natal 24D Saturn and Natal 23 D Sag MC? The 24 D of Pisces is in the 12th along with Chiron ( but that's in Aquarius). Natal Saturn makes a square to the Asc, but the moon (23D Pisces) and Mars (11D59' pisces) both 12th are both conjunct the ASC. Should I expect the sky to fall in? Thanks, and Happy Holidays!

  2. I have a similiar set up---in that I have 9th house and 12th house activated by this new moon square uranus. The thing about the 12th house it is so Universal. It is so infinite..so if we feel connected to the world we feel completely in tune. We feel like we are direct receptors to the information of our makers..and we trust. But then it is also the house of feeling lost, feeling isolated, feeling like we have no idea where we belong.
    The 9th house is our goals, our long visions, standing up on the plain and saying, "I'm heading there."
    My guess is that there will be some stuff coming up for both of us that will make us reevalute our goals and what we want in our life and there will be some disappointment in it.
    I can tell you when I heard someone at my son's school (9th house) say that the budget cuts in the district could cut 4 of our brightest teachers I felt my heart sink. I felt very 12th house and I thought, "shit, I wonder if we have to move to another district." No small feat.

    I would guess you are already thinking about restructuring something in your life (Saturn). And your emotions (Moon) are guiding this job. Although, Uranus is probably twisting it around a bit. Don't let the feelings guide every thing. Get some feedback from advisors in your life. Find your consiglierie !