Monday, December 21, 2009


And so it is Winter Solstice.
12:47pm (EST) is the first day of winter.
Of course for those of us slogging it out there since Pluto moved into Capricorn (Fall 2008) it has been feeling Winter for awhile. Sigh. But let's not get bogged down in the negative.
The first day of winter is the first day of Capricorn. Of course, on Capricorn New Moon (January) we will speak in more detail about the sign Capricorn but right now what you should know is that we will are moving from parties (Sag) to practicality (Cap).
We will want more substance and mettle. In the summer, fisherman fish. In the Winter fisherman fix their nets. This is the energy of Capricorn.
How are your nets?
On this shortest day of the year we need to remember the sunny days of summer and know that they will return. Turn inward, find your faith today, and find ONE good thing about your life. From this one small bright spot more will come. A single candle can light a world.
Flame on.

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