Monday, December 21, 2009

Jupiter & Neptune

We have been discussing all year the relationship between Jupiter and Neptune.
And in fact back in May we talked about how they were on top of each other.
Well, they are back for their final Groove Dance today. This is no small thing. Jupiter which does everything it can to expand is meeting up with Neptune who does everything it can to dissolve. Interestingly they are the two planets that rule philosophical issues. Neptune when it is evolved is the most inspired. It hears a message from above and knows that it is completely in sync with The Universe. Jupiter when it is evolved will look at any task and know that it can be accomplished. No matter how Herculean. This is the evolved sides of the planets.
When they are not evolved? Neptune wants to hide out in a bottle of Vodka and Jupiter wants to yell obnoxious righteous things from a bully pulpit.
I don't think it is at all an accident that the Health Bill passed The Senate at this time. Turn on any television news organization and you will see the Bully Pulpit at full volume and we are all left questioning a lot. Expand and Dissolve.
Personally, see where 25 degrees of Aquarius lies in your chart to reconfirm where you feel like you want to expand and bring in more? Where you would like to dissolve and hide? Where you would like to accomplish more? Where you feel inspired? Where you feel lost? Where you would like to shoot off your mouth?

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