Thursday, December 31, 2009

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse December 31

At 2:14pm (EDT) was a lunar eclipse. I say "was" because I am posting this about 3 hours after the fact. But the effects are still in play.

As you know a lunar eclipse is a Full Moon where the shadow of the Earth masks part or all (depending on your vantage point) of the moon. There is usually a POP that we feel somewhere in our life depending on where the eclipse takes place in our chart. Look at your own chart and see where 10 degree cancer lies. Do you feel down? Do you feel unloved? Do you feel a bit off? Yeah, that's all eclipse stuff.

Of course, the energy of this full moon will be felt for about 3 days.
A bit crabby, a bit melancholy, a bit 'what's the use', a bit down. But under the sadness or low energy is something more important. We are being asked to take more responsibility. If there are things in our life that aren't working, what disciplines can we activate that will help us get the life that we want? Responsibility and rebuilding our lives is very Capricorn. And remember, the Full Moon happens when the Sun is opposite The Moon. The Sun is at 10 Capricorn, reminding us that we can accomplish much if we just start doing the work. Bit by bit.

Additionally, This full moon has a beautiful conjunction between the Sun and Venus and Pluto and a wide aspect with Mercury. There are a lot of tools at our disposal---if we use them. If you want to lose weight you have got everything from Weight Watchers to friends who are dying to exercise with you. If you need to meet a mate, or one of the others is just a few clicks away. If you need to bring in more money, what skills or resources in your own life are you neglecting? There are tools there for you, use this full moon to find them.

one other note, in Mountain Astrologer, Stephanie Austin indicated that this Full Moon eclipse is similar to the one we had on December 30, 2001. Are you revisiting topics from then?

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