Monday, January 4, 2010

Sun Conjunct Mercury

January 4 2:06pm (EST).

The Sun conjuncts Mercury several times a year and is basically a nice garden variety aspect. Nice but no big whop. You feel a little bit brighter and a bit smarter and more clever today BUT and make that a big BUT...when the conjunction is with a retrograde Mercury it is a bit duller. The shine is not on this one instead we feel a bit more energized but we can't quite get 'there'.
It is a good day for us to take on a few projects but we need to cut ourselves some slack if our ideas and aspirations are too big for our reach today.
I know I took time to move out all spices that have not been used in the last year and (5 years !) from my cabinet to Mr. Trash Can. I also had a great desire to clear out the fridge and what is on top of it...but I have to save that for another day by the afternoon I did not have the brain or energy to touch the yucky grime on top. Perhaps another day.
Be grateful for whatever new ground you covered today but give yourself a break if you don't do as much as you hoped.

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