Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mars Retrograde Leo

Back in December on the Sagittarius New Moon article I mentioned that Mars would be turning retrograde on December 20. I wrote:

On December 20, Mars will turn retrograde. Normally, Mars moves pretty fast in a sign but this is one of those times when it is in a sign for about a year forcing us to get the message of the sign. Leo teaches us how to personalize things. How to own it and make it our’s. Mars in Leo is a lot of actions based on personal desires. Yep, Leo is also about EGO and I’m sure there will be some loud noisy braggarts who are going to get their asses kicked while Mars goes backward (until March 2010). But at the same time if there are some of you who are shy and don’t share your valuable traits and talents and hide in shadows---well, knock it off. Did it occur to you, that shyness is hurting others? Still fighting me on it? Then don’t blame me when your hiding comes back and bites you in the ass too.

I must say as one who knows a bit about late comedy (we'll leave it at that) there is enough ego battling going on right now to make Shakespeare rewrite King Lear into KingLateNight. Jay's experiment lays a goose egg, Conan fights back, Dave not missing an opportunity to zest Jay. Jimmy Kimmel getting in there with his two cents and pretty much every comedian who has or has not been in front of a camera in the last five years is getting out in front to be heard.
This is all ego.
To me it is all silly.
I remember years ago when I learned Civil War History, the point that was made about the battle between the Monitor and the Merrimak was not which boat succeeded (by the way historians consider it a draw) but the fact that both boats were made out of metal. Two dinky boats (by today's standards) duking it out in Chesapeake bay were not the big deal. The big deal was that at that time England ruled the waves with THE most powerful navy. Except for the fact that all their boats were made out of wood. The United States and the Confederacy had in one small battle made the British Navy obsolete.

Every year there are fewer and fewer homes watching television. The internet pretty much has wiped the audiences off the map and the ones that are still there will continue to dwindle.
So, this battle between late night hosts is really silly. Their format is on the road to obsoletion.

It is also worth noting that the week that this battle was suppose to be at its apex Haiti imploded. The Universe could not give it the attention. How perfectly Mars Retrograde in Leo! Also in the mix Sarah Palin launched her new television career on Fox and with barely a comment from anyone--- as once again, all eyes were on Haiti.

I predict more ego bruising in the next few months but watch to see if the Universe gives it much oxygen.

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