Friday, January 22, 2010

Yellowstone Earthquake Swarm --"Rut Ro"

More than 1,000 small to moderate earthquakes have been recorded in Yellowstone National Park since Sunday, according to the National Park Service.

That’s more than half the total annual average in the park — 1,600 a year. Last year, a swarm of more than 800 quakes near Yellowstone Lake was recorded in late December and early January. All told, more than 1,650 earthquakes were recorded in the park in 2009.

I highlighted the interesting part--last YEAR, 1,650 quakes---and in ONE week, 1,000---
Let us hope THIS has nothing to do with a Supervolcano which would then explain the Cardinal Climax, wouldn't it?


  1. Wow. That's a whole lotta quakes. Seems like Pele's cousin on Turtle Island is stirring in her sleep... It would be a very different world if she really wakes up, eh? And would definitely fit that cardinal T-square. Scary.

  2. I know, Zann. Really weird, isn't it?
    This has been one helluva week. A little volcanic ash would make 2010 quite messy.

  3. There's an interview with the lead scientist at Yellowstone's Volcanic Observatory:
    It would be interesting to check back to 1985 (last big swarm) and 70,000 years ago (last volcano) to see what alignments were in Sat sq Plu and Sat opp Uran that we have in phase now.

    And we can add this week's Supreme Court decision about campaign finance rules...that's at least an 8 on the political Richter scale.